My Little Night Stand

For several years I’ve been looking for a night stand.  Well we are actually looking for two night stands to match our bedroom furniture.  We’ve hunted high and low…no luck.  Every antique-er we meet always tells at that people didn’t really have them in the time period or in walnut.  We just sigh and keep looking.

In the meantime, I have this ugly table that I don’t like.

Then last week, while thrifting, I found a little night stand.  It wasn’t necessarily time period appropriate and I don’t think it’s from walnut but at least it’s dark wood.  I debated and debated and finally paid the $30 and brought it home.  Hubby wasn’t really impressed with it but I don’t care.  It’s going to go on my side of the bed-and I like it.


Of course it needs work.  Do I ever by something that doesn’t??


I was looking at the drawer and it wouldn’t open.  I pulled and looked and prodded.  It wouldn’t open.  UGH.  I ended up turning the table upside down and looking.  Someone put their old gum there.  Looks like I’ll need a razor blade for that.

The garage is still a little chaotic but Hubby did manage to find the Howard RF4016 Restor-A-Finish.  This stuff really works magic.

I had other things I probably should have been doing but I took time to give this a good overhaul.

The gum did come off with the flick of a razor blade.

The night stand did clean up beautifully.  Remember those gouges….perfect no, but pretty darn good.


And here it is all in it’s new place.  Much better!  It’s taller and I love that.


I like the little drawer to keep chap stick and a tissue.

I love the spindles at the back.  I weaved the cord to my phone charger in between them so it won’t fall on the floor.  I always charge my phone here overnight.  Before the cord would always fall on the floor and I’d have to get out of bed to get it….this is much better.

I have to say, I love Howard RF4016 Restor-A-Finish.  All you do is get a bit on a cloth and rub it in.  The stuff truly is magic.

8 thoughts on “My Little Night Stand”

  1. I have the same exact little table that I found thrifting a few years ago. I only paid $5 for mine and it’s next to the bed in the guest room.

  2. Cute little table, and where can I buy the Magic Howard RF4016, I have some old things I would like to make look better.
    One more thing, I love your hard wood floors

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