My Little Bug!

When I was in Cincinnati with the Country Threads girls, each of us would take a turn to shop.  Then when the person came back, they had to show and tell what caught their eye and what they purchased.

One time it was Mary E’s turn.  She came back with a thread cutter for her machine.  The second she showed me I knew immediately where I was going…to buy a thread cutter for myself!!  My old Singer needs one.  It’s my favorite machine to sew on but I hate that it doesn’t have a thread cutter.  Well…now it does!!  See?

They had an option of a white one…or the ladybug one.  I went all whimsy and picked the ladybug.  It works great and I LOVE it.

Here’s a funny note…I paid $30 for the machine from Goodwill…I paid $4.99 for the thread cutter.  It doesn’t bother me a drop…all totaled, it’s still WAY, WAY, WAY cheaper than my Bernina.

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