My Little Bug

Remember the little bug thread cutter I told you about awhile ago?  I still love and today I figured out another use for it.

I was sewing together some of Perkimen Daydreams strips and had a long length of strips that needed to be cut apart.  I was going to cut them apart but the scissor wasn’t anywhere near.  I thought my little bug might do the trick and did it ever!!  Being it’s mounted on the side of the machine rather than the back, it’s easy to do a quick little slide and the chained the pieces are cut apart.

In a short bit I had all my pieces “cut” apart.  Looks like it’s time for me to pin another set.  Will these Perkimon Daydream quilts ever end??  Remember last year Kelli and I made TWO??  We have TWO more in progress….

Cutting chained pieced items is one of those things all of you probably already do that I just discovered..sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make my day!!

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