My Linda Bracelet

My mailbox was loaded with goodies on Tuesday.  Imagine my surprise to find not one, not two, but THREE boxes in my mailbox.

This was one of the boxes….
The fragile sticker had me curious.  I typically don’t get anything fragile.


I opened it up and was about to cry.  Inside was a bracelet.

You might remember awhile ago that I was wanting to make a bracelet that told the story of Jesus.  Well in that blog post I also wrote that I had found another bible related bracelet that I would like.  This….


Well blog reader Linda who I initially met several years ago at Country Threads read that blog post.  She is a thyroid cancer survivor and kindred spirit.  She’s also the one who sent me the border fabric for my Wild Child quilt (read about that quilt here).  Anyway, she made the bracelet for me!!

The bracelet is wonderful.  I absolutely love it.

As I read through the verse and looked at the bracelet, it honestly made me get all teary eyed…the good kind of teary eyed.  One because the verse is relevant to what’s happening with me and two because Linda really made me feel special.

The sizing is perfect Linda.  I do have a chubby wrist.


I will always and forever completely cherish this bracelet.  I don’t wear a lot of fact hardly any at all…this I will wear.  It tells my story of my life as a cancer (soon to be) survivor and also will remind me to do good…just like Linda did.

Thank you so much Linda….This bracelet means the world to me.

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  1. What a wonderful gift. Jo, do everything you can to stay positive during treatment, it is so so important. I’m sure this bracelet will help!

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