My Laundry Room

I spent about two weeks with my laundry room looking like this…

For a long time now I have been having trouble with the dryer.  The belt just seemed to slip and wouldn’t turn the drum.  It was annoying.  I would have to load the dryer, turn the barrel manually a quarter turn and then start it.

I did tell Hubby and “it was apparently my imagination”.  He never had the problem.

Well finally he had that problem…6 month later.  So he decided to fix it.  He took it apart-found the problem and I went online with the serial number to find the belt.  We ordered it from Amazon…I waited with my laundry room looking like this.  A few days later the part came..the next day Hubby went to put it all back together….

No luck!!  We needed another part.  I went back to Amazon.  I found the part and ordered it.  We waited a couple days again and finally it came.  Hubby put it all back together and now my laundry room is back to “normal”…but I haven’t used the dryer yet.

While it was out of commission I was forced to use my clothes line.  I like the clothes line but it’s one of those things I have to remind myself to do.  It’s so tempting to use the dryer as it’s just sitting there.  Now that I was reminded of how much I love line dried clothes and towels, I am working to stick with the habit.

I did tell Hubby that I really do want to move the clothesline with us when we go…….

I am so thankful the laundry room is back in order and by the way….being Hubby fixed the dryer himself the total bill was $21.53.  That sure beats a service call!!

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