My Laundry Room Reveal

Remember my laundry room debate?

I was tired of the mess.  I wanted something cleaner and more functional.  Here’s a little recap.  This was Kalissa’s cabinet that she bought on a garage sale.  She petered out in the middle of redoing it.  Hubby asked her if she wanted to sell it.  She said yes.  Hubby went to work on getting it all fixed up.  Originally the entire cabinet outside was the deep green.


He sanded down the the top and restained it.  Then he roughed up the bottom so it would accept paint.


I put two coats of Annie Sloan’s Graphite paint on it.


Here is my laundry room.  I removed the sewing machine and all the junk on it.  Our daughter Kayla took the machine to her house.


The laundry room was such a mess.  Junk EVERYWHERE!!


Well as long as that was all out of the small room, Hubby decided to pull out the dryer and clean the lint out really well.


Then Hubby and our son Karl started in on trying to get the cabinet to fit.  It was a tight squeeze.


Here it is in place.  My work still isn’t finished…I needed to apply the wax finish.


So one day when Carver was over I put him in the bouncy seat and told him all about the process of applying wax and chalk painting.  Ruby stayed for the lesson too.


They were both very attentive.

I applied the soft wax first…then the dark wax.

All of the pieces in the laundry room have had the same technique.  I personally love the graphite color of paint.  It’s perfect for me as it hides a lot.


It’s really hard to take any decent pictures as the room is TINY.  Hubby and I have both commented that we wish the open shelving at the top was actually closed shelving but alas, it can’t be perfect and this is much better.  I think some of the stuff on the shelves will eventually get moved to the lower cabinet but as of now, this works.  I still have some sewing and craft things here.  I have all my rulers and things I need for cutting quilts out here.  I do the majority of my cutting on the kitchen island.  That big basket at top in the middle is filled with shirts that need to be deboned.


The cabinet area…I LOVE.  Isn’t this so much better than that sewing machine sitting here!?  Especially because I really wasn’t using the machine anymore.


I’ve vowed to try to keep this room cleaner.  I’m not super duper clean lady at all but I don’t want junk everywhere either.  I want a nice balance between utility/laundry room that’s useful and one that’s immaculate.


My dream is one day to have actually have a matching washer and dryer….alas, not with Hubby around though.  He sees no sense in replacing one if it hasn’t died.  We have a washing machine in the basement that he washes all of his farm clothes in.  My secret hope is that that it would die and he’d take these to the basement and I could get a new washer and dryer….I know it’s bad to “wish for” something to die, but that’s my confession.

The overhead cabinet here was in the house originally when we bought it.  Hubby rebuilt it and made it smaller to fit in this space.  I use it a lot and have enjoyed having it.  He also built the shelf at the back of the washer and dryer.  I highly suggest a shelf like that.  I use it lots too.

For a small room, this little laundry room gets used a lot.  I am so happy and thankful that it is just off of the kitchen.  With it and kitchen side by side I really feel like I am “in my domain” when I’m working.

I can see that the new cabinet is going to be so awesome when the kids come home for gatherings.  It’s a great place to plug in the crock pots and take in some of the kitchen overflow.

I haven’t had a good chance to really think through what is being stored and where in the room now that the cabinet is in place.  I know I want to move a few things around and find new homes for them making things a little more tidy looking.  For now, I am thrilled and so happy that I took the leap and got rid of the spare sewing machine…oh and three cheers for Hubby…he did a great job making this all come together.

16 thoughts on “My Laundry Room Reveal”

  1. I love how the cabinet turned out and I’m glad you’ve got more storage in your laundry room BUT I couldn’t help but notice the Jay’s potato chip tin!! I grew up in Michigan and we had Jay’s all the time. We don’t have them down where I am in Texas. Nice memory! Nice to see Ruby and Carver helped too! Always fun to see them in your pictures!

  2. Your laundry room looks great with the cabinet in there. But if it had been even a quarter inch wider…..

    Carver & Ruby were really soaking up their lesson on chalk painting….so cute.

  3. Your laundry room looks great. I understand about the washer and dryer. I too lived for many years with miss-matched machines. When the last washing machine pooped oil all over the floor, and the dryer was even older than the washer, I insisted on a matching pair! Also say hooray for husbands who can do things! Two days ago, the handle on my kitchen faucet broke. Hubby was able to replace it. This morning, the pump on our water well froze. ( We NEVER have temperatures in the twenties all night!) Late this evening, hubby was finally able to defrost it and we have water again! Hooray !

  4. Betty (from Canada)

    Your laundry room looks awsome. I had a laundry room in the basement of one house I lived in. NEVER AGAIN. Also I am very jealous of your thrift stores down where you live. I have checked out the prices of some men’s shirts in our thrift stores and they were priced anywhere from $8 and up and they weren’t very nice fabric.

  5. Your renewed laundry room looks fantastic; Roger is a gem!
    I love having the laundry adjacent to the kitchen, too. Great when feeding a mob to have the extra space and another tub to wash the inevitable dishes……

  6. That looks great! Love the refinished cabinet. I don’t think I could stand the open cabinets above either. Just an idea, but one thing you could do to hide all that, is to buy one of those tension shower rods and hang a sliding curtain across it…or hubby could even install a closet rod for you, but that would be more of a permanent thing.

  7. Great cabinet and thanks for sharing the color and wax process. The top is great too! What did hubby finish it with?

  8. Cheryl in Dallas

    Can I hire Roger for a week or two? Would he travel to Dallas?! My Honey Do List is a mile long.

    Lots of people are jealous of the cheap shirt prices in Iowa. Maybe you can do bartering: will trade men’s cotton shirts for casseroles. . .

  9. WOW! Your laundry room is fantastic! Your before is still much nicer than the old dark room in our basement. I love how your hubby cleans the lint from your dryer. I need to do that soon.

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