My Latest Chalk Painting Project

A post from Kelli–

As you know, mom and I love chalk painting.  We both have many pieces that we have worked on and added to our homes over the years.

Here you can see my dresser turned entertainment center–

Here is a cupboard that I painted that now resides in my dining room–

I’m happy to tell you, I have a new project!  A few months ago, I bought a big cupbaord that I’m planning on fixing up to put in my bedroom.  With our little one on the way, I need to get a baby room set up.  After some talking, the room that will be best is the room that I currently store a lot of my sewing things in.  In order to get things situated and rearranged, I need to get the spare room set up, the baby’s room set up and then get all of my sewing supplies and things gone through and work on finding new homes for some of the things….or space in my closet.  At this point, I thing that I’m going to go through and sort and donate lots, and the rest I’m going to store in my closet and my newest cupboard.

As you can see, this is a pretty large cupboard.  My plan is to sand down the top, stain it, and varnish it.  I then want to paint the bottom and plan to put it in our bedroom.  I’m going to get a big mirror to put over one end and then put our TV on the other end.  Our room is shaped a little bit odd, but I think that this will be best to store lots of sewing supplies.

I really like too that each of the doors have their own kind of latch.

My plan is to get some white or off white chalk pain and then paint the bottom.  I want to wax it and age it just a bit.  After I’m done, I’ll get the hardware washed up a bit and remount it.  Sounds like a perfect plan right?  Should be able to get it done quick right?  WRONG!

I went to the store that I’ve always bought my Annie Sloan chalk paint at to findout that they no longer carry the Annie Sloan brand products.  Not all hope is lost though as they now carry the Dixie Belle brand chalk paint.  I messaged the owners of the shop to see how the two kinds compare and to ask for some pointers, but with the holdiays they have limited hours over Christmas break.

So I have some questions–because I know you are all so good about helping–

  1.  Have you ever used both the Dixie Belle and Annie Sloan chalk paints?  How do they compare?
  2. Can I still use my same brushes?
  3. Do they cover the same?

I’m sure that they owners of the shop will get back to me soon.  I’m hoping to work on some sorting and throwing away over the next few days to get things organized.  I know that once baby comes, I might not have as much time for hobbies, so I want to make sure that the things that I keep are the things that I love and the things that I want to spend my time and resources on.

Overall, its a change and update that I’m needing to do…knowing that a baby is going to be needing a room in a few–just less than 3–months is really starting to light a fire under my butt!

4 thoughts on “My Latest Chalk Painting Project”

  1. Kelli, babies do take up a lot of your crafting time. But they are so worth it! There will be times when you don’t have a minute to spare. Just hang in there and love your little one with all of your heart. Your plan to only keep things that you love makes so much sense. As I begin my journey to paring down, I’ll use that as my mantra.

  2. Children are time consuming but take up little room for a few months. Once they start getting around on their own crawling and walking they take up all the room/house.
    Please try to just stay in the moment with your husband and baby worry less love more
    ColleenR on the much warmer left coast

    Well now, since you and your Mom are into antiques, and have booths at malls, why dont you become stockists with Annie Sloan. Then you can buy it wholesale and from yourself. And there may be other folks who want to buy it. You could even conduct classes on how to do it. We have a big antique mall that has chalk paint and brought in an instructor. Always looking for ways to make money. And you already have a store.

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