My Kramer Picture

Look what my girlfriend made for me.  Isn’t it awesome??


See how it says “Kramer”?

I had seen something seen something similar at a local decorating shop but there were always more expensive than I was willing to spend even though I really liked them.

Silly me-I never thought of making one…but my girlfriend did.  She made it herself.  The thing I love best about it is that it’s personal to us.  The “K” is made from bricks.  Goodness knows that we pulled LOTS of bricks from the chimney we took out of the house.


The “R” is wine corks.  We drink wine together quite regularly.

The “A” is a step ladder.  Goodness knows we’ve spent LOTS of time a ladder.

The “M” was a tough one…she just found the “M”.

The “E” is made from fabric.

The “R” is from a fireman sign her husband has….my Hubby is a volunteer fireman too.

Aren’t you impressed??  I sure am.  I asked her about the frame and she said she bought this frame Malden International Designs Berkeley Matted Black Wood 4 x 6″ Collage Picture Frame.  It’s available with a variety of different number of picture openings.

The idea is so neat…I sure wish I’d have thought of it.  I do have to say it’s one favorite gifts.

5 thoughts on “My Kramer Picture”

  1. I love it and the fact that she made it and each letter is so personal makes it extra special. What a great friend and what a great gift.

  2. I like how your friend personalized your letters for your family. I received one from a friend several years ago and love it!

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