My Kindle Fire

Hey all…
I am over at Michelle’s Romantic Tangle Guest blogging about my Kindle Fire.  that I got last year for Christmas.

Here’s a link back to my first review and here’s a link to Michelle’s review.  I thought I would give you an update.  As I was writing the post I discovered that Kindle Fire’s have come down in price since last year..only $159.  In my opinion…worth it…to see the rest of my review, head over to Michelle’s Romantic Tangle.

2 thoughts on “My Kindle Fire”

  1. Actually, that’s the newest model of the Kindle Fire that went down in price. I got mine for a gift in August, and it’s the first version, and it was $199. Still, it’s my favorite toy besides my sewing machine!!! :-)

  2. Jo, I don’t really know how I ended up here but I read your comments about liking the “Harry Bosch Series of books by Michael Connelly. If you like these you will love another author. Lee Child writes a series featuring “Jack Reacher”. I fell in love with these books immediately. My son also fell in love with the books & he normally stays far away from these types of books. Anyway, as I said, try Lee Child and the “Reacher Series” , I think you will love them. Thanks,

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