My Joann Fabric Experience with Holiday Sales….

Friday after Thanksgiving we found out that Hubby’s mom was taken from the nursing home to the hospital.  She had taken a fall and needed to be checked out.  All five of Hubby’s sisters were at the hospital with her so we decided to wait and go the next day so she would have company then too.  I decided that as long as we were going, I should pick up some quilt batting at JoAnn Fabrics.  I have made it a habit to use my coupon and pick one up whenever we get in a town that has a JoAnn’s.    I found my flyer to clip my coupon and then realized, there are AMAZING sales on Saturdays after Thanksgiving too!

I talked to Hubby and he said we would try to make it before noon when the extra 25% off coupon expires.  To make a LOOOONNNNGGGG story a tab shorter, we got there, at 11:50.  The line was WAAAYYYY to the back of the store and was only getting longer.  Hubby was waiting in the car…the line was 37 people deep and I knew that no 25% off, already 50% off sale was worth Hubby’s patience level blowing so Kelli and I just left.  In the parking lot we saw Katie from the Calico Hutch.  She was over getting a new rotary cutter and mat.  She said they were extending the coupon until 1 pm as the line was so long.

We decided to drop Hubby off at the hospital and go back to JoAnn’s.  I headed straight for the quilt batting.  Of course, there was no packaged batting so I checked batting by the yard.  There was a HUGE roll….I thought time to stock up.  It’s 50% off..making it about $6 a year…then 25% off that.  Who can turn that down?  Kelli held a spot in line at the cutting counter where the lady there told her that no they were not extending the sale.  To get the batting or not….yep…I decided to get it anyway.  The lady was not happy.  She went on to inform me that if I wanted that much batting, I really should order it.  I didn’t know anything about the ordering process.  She explained that if I would order it, I would get the same price as long as it was paid for that day.  That wasn’t a problem…but coming back to Austin, MN was.  We normally don’t shop there and it’s almost 2 hours away.  I wasn’t coming back for it.   I said I would just take what was there.  She grumbled and started to unroll.  Then Kelli ended up unrolling….she measure and I rolled it back up.  Periodically she would say, we are at 14 yards…you want more?  YES.  We are at 26 yards…grumble…you want more?  YES.  ALL OF IT!  Then she asked me what I do with it!!


38 yards later and much grumbling, I had my roll in the cart.  I asked Kelli what time it was…She said, “12:55”.  I said, “GO!”  We ran walked to the counter and got in line.  The line was almost gone.  At the register, I explained that we were told that they were extending the coupon to 1 pm…the lady looked at me…I told her we really were told that and that’s why we had hurried to get to the register as it was almost 1 pm.  The lady…that wonderful lady at the checkout said…oh OK…so I was HAPPY!!!  She gave us the extra 25% off!!

That concluded my after Thanksgiving shopping…will I do it again….Maybe.  That was CHEAP batting!  I do think that next time, I’ll just order the roll…it would save lots of grumbling on the fabric cutter’s part.

19 thoughts on “My Joann Fabric Experience with Holiday Sales….”

  1. JoAnn’s needs to hire more accomodating people. I used to work for them before they built all their super stores. Back then, the customer ruled. We were a family, and had so much fun. I’m glad your experience turned out okay. Congratulations!

  2. I went to my JoAnne Fabrics the day after Thanksgiving and had no trouble getting my batting. I always buy a full bolt of it so they go in their store room and bring out an unopened box. The kind I use comes in 15 yard bolts. It’s really a great deal getting it then.

  3. Judy D in upstate NY

    I went to our JoAnn’s on Sat. before noon, also. I got great deals including batting, rulers I need for Orca Bay ( for $2.30 and $3 each) some new scissors, thread and a couple of decorations. Spent $82 and the full price( which I never pay tho) would have been about $225. I was a happy camper ! I even missed the lines and the sales staff at the Queensbury, NY JoAnn’s were all lovely!

  4. Pat C in Washingon

    My local JoAnn’s is really friendly and accommodating, but the big super store up the hill in a bigger city is not always that way. This year was the first in a long time when I didn’t line up at 5 a.m. to get in for the early bird deal on flannel for all my charity sewing. I figured since I still had flannel left from last year, maybe I really didn’t need more….

  5. We were out of town so I missed the big sales…but I’ve been at the Friday flannel sale before with lines of 30-40 people, crazy! Earlier this week there was an online sale for a whole bolt.. I think it was $200 for the 40 yard roll w/ free ship so it is good to watch there too.

  6. I order batting by the case, only when on sale. I have it shipped to my home. That way I don’t have to carry it around. I live out a ways and always do more shopping.

  7. I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping nor on Cyber Monday. Too bad the fabric cutter was so grumpy. That makes that store look bad. I am glad the check out person was so good for you though! I can’t believe people would ask why you need all that batting…….it is a fabric store after all!

  8. I have been so turned off by the crowds and poor service at Joann’s, I never go there on the sale days anymore. If they don’t want to have crowds of people in their stores, they shouldn’t have the sales! Grumble, grumble… but I’m glad you got the good deal on the batting.

  9. I did the same thing except I got to Joanns at 7:30 am (opened at 7:00 am)on Saturday, and there was no customers but me. I had been in the day before on Black Friday and the cutting line was at #5 and the current ticket was #43…I passed and walked out. The lady that cut my batting (I bought 30 yards) also asked me what I did with this much batting, but she was nice. She also told me that the line outside on Black Friday was at least 200 people deep. You just can’t pass up such a good savings on batting.

  10. The pay is the same regardless of how much, or what they are cutting. Sounds like a grump. I haven’t shopped at JoAnn’s much, but have had good experiences.

  11. I have 3 Joann’s all within a 45 minute drive and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience. Even when I bought a new mat that wasn’t on sale anymore but someone forgot to take the sign down & they refunded me the difference. I just did the same thing with a new roll of batting. I got a 60% coupon in my email that was good for two days only & I played devil’s advocate for 1 1/2 days. I’m glad I finally got it though. :) I called two of the Joann’s & they both had it but one seemed a little put out I was calling. So even though I would’ve saved the tax I’m glad I went to the other one. I ended up getting it for the online price plus 60% & another $30 off because it was over $150. :) So having a pleasant experience with the employee made up for the $7 I spent on sales tax & the $35 I would’ve spent on shipping. So if anyone is going to buy a roll in the store definitely check the online price before you go & print it out just in case. It ended up being $130 cheaper. Sorry for the long post.

  12. I have never understood the grumbling part. Why do they care if they sell it to one person or 40 people? It is still sold? Isn’t that what they are there for?
    I have stopped shopping at Joann’s since everytime I go in there is someone in a sour mood and or rude. I have enough to deal with on a daily basis that I don’t feel the need pay to be treated poorly.
    I have left comments and spoken to managers but it seems they didn’t change, so I did. I do miss the coupons though.
    To end on a positive note, I’m glad you got such a good deal on the batting! :)

  13. i thought about going to joann’s over the holiday weekend, but i’m kinda soured on shopping with the crowds anymore unless i really have to. we are an hour away from one, so that plays a part in it too. i have been toying with ordering a huge roll of batting and having it delivered next time there is a good sale.

  14. I ordered some batting last week and a week later they email me and it is out of stock. Now I have to go buy it at my local store. I hate driving to that end of my little town when the college students are around.

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