My Helper??

I am getting ready to teach class tonight in West Union, Iowa at Moonlight Stitching Studio.  I am teaching a crumb class and I am frantically trying to sew up blocks for samples.  More than that I am trying to have the steps to the blocks so that people can see exactly how they are made.

Ruby “thinks” she is my designated helper…..I don’t think so….  Ruby was being awful running around begging for attention.  I played with her a bit then tried to get back to making the blocks and Ruby started doing more of the same…jumping on my leg (which is a no-no),  running over the sewing machine foot pedal TWICE, and whining and whining.  Finally I decided she would just have to whine.  I opened the old knitting tote I keep my crumbs in.  Ruby jumped right in to check it out.

Before long, she was fast asleep.

The only problem with that is that Ruby is lying on top of all the crumb scraps I need.   Oh…Ruby you are a great companion but not much of a helper.

11 thoughts on “My Helper??”

  1. She senses that you are getting ready to go somewhere and she’s trying to keep you home. She’s “claimed” her bed.

  2. That first pictures looks like the right corner of her mouth is up – almost like a little snicker. She knows what she is doing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOl sounds very much like my cat. he quickly discovered that quilts are great things to lie on–and that means any quilt wherever it is!
    if i’m cutting out parts of a quilt block, he has to be right there next to the cutting mat to inspect my work. if i’m laying out rows of a quilt top on my bed, he’s ready to sit in the middle of them as his mark of approval.
    if the quilt is on the back of the couch, there he is, ready to sleep on it. If a quilt is draped over the back of a recliner chair, he’ll jump up on the arm and then leap onto the chair back just to lie on the quilt.
    Even if i’m hand sewing the binding on a quilt that is in my lap, that quilt is his designated sleeping place, and all thoughts of binding have to wait!
    I’ve never seen a cat who loves quilts as much as my cat does.

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