My Goodwill Find…

On Saturday when the kids were at guitar lessons, I killed time at Goodwill.  I found some good flannel sheets to use to make diapers for layette project and I found this chair.
Yes is covered with ugly upholstery and yes it does need some repair, but nothing we can’t fix.  If you’ve read my blog, you might know that hubby and I love antiques.  Not just antiques to look at, but antiques that are functional too.  This chair is PERFECT for us.  It was $28.  Hubby is going to work on re- gluing the arms in place.  Then I am going to “sweet talk” my sister into spending a little bonding time with me to reupholster it.

Here’s a side view…
We have matching walnut furniture in our bedroom.  Our bed and dresser both have that ornate carving along the top.  I can’t wait to get it all finished but it is on the back burner until the garage addition is finished.

Any ideas on what would be historically appropriate to use as a fabric?  Here’s a peak at the carpet I have down….I don’t know if the fabric is suppose to be like the rug or if a velvet type material is more historically appropriate.   My daughter Kayla pulled the fabric up a bit to see that there is horse hair underneath.  Let me know what you think….

6 thoughts on “My Goodwill Find…”

  1. Lucky you! The bones of that chair are beautiful. I can’t wait to see you bring it back to it’s original glory. Enjoy the process…

  2. beautiful! I think it is an Eastlake or Gothic style – and the appropriate fabric would be a red velvet – dark, rich red- for the time period.

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