My Girlfriend’s Quilts

A while ago a girlfriend of mine called and asked if she could use my quilting machine.  We finally found a date that would work for both of us.

Here are her quilts.  She had three quilts that needed to be done.  She worked like crazy and finished all three in a LONG day.

This first quilt she did for her nephew’s graduation gift.  He’s going in the military.  The fabrics are mostly camouflage.



Her next quilt is her daughter’s graduation quilt.  This pattern is from a year ago and was in the Quiltmaker magazine.


The last quilt is made of denim.  The pattern can be found in Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green”.


I had never done a denim quilt on the machine before.  It was a bit of challenge.  The denim fabric really has a give to it.

My machine has been busy.  I don’t regret purchasing it for a single second.  It’s a workhorse and I’m glad it’s working for me!!

7 thoughts on “My Girlfriend’s Quilts”

  1. wow your friend must have been so tired after her quilting marathon. My boys are back to school tuesday so I am really excited about using my janome 1600p and grace frame for the first time. I just watched your tutorial for the hand me downs pattern and using accuquilt go. Looking forward to trying that too. the denim quilt your friend made I cut out a month or so ago. I had collected a massive pile of jeans and I think I have enough cut for two quilts. One is going to be for My partner for his birthday later this year. i love your blog and I hope ruby is feeling brighter today. Please give her a gentle fuss from me

  2. Yes, denim is a stretch fabric. It requires a strong stabilizer when doing machine embroidery also. I don’t mind quilting with the “old” style denim but today’s stretch denim is much more difficult…too stretchy. Did you raise the hopping foot so it wouldn’t push the corner seams around? Give me a call if you want some help with adjusting the foot. Raising it too much is not good either.

  3. Her quilts are beautiful. How lucky she is to have a friend that has a quilting machine! I also have a stock pile of jeans that my daughter has outgrown waiting to do a denim quilt!

  4. Can you comment further about quilting a denim quilt? I have a jeans stash and have been wanting to make that quilt, but hesitated because I wasn’t sure how I could possibly quilt it on my domestic sewing machine. However, I now have a longarm! So any tips about using the longarm to quilt denim? Thanks!


  5. How lucky your friend is to be able to use your quilting machine! Her quilts are very nice. I especially liked the flowers she quilted on her daughter’s quilt. How is Ruby today? Hope she’s doing much better.

  6. Oh yes – we need an update on Ruby’s condition. Hope she is perkier and moving less stiffly from her surgery. What a sweet little dog!!

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