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On Easter weekend our son’s, Buck and Karl, along with Buck’s girlfriend Jen were home and helped plant potatoes, onions and green beans.  Then over Mother’s Day weekend the kids were home and helped plant the rest of the garden.  I’ve planted a few things here and there since then but the majority of the garden was planted when Buck was home.

He calls periodically and asked about the garden and inquires if I am keeping it up.  He asked for some pictures so I thought I would share with all of you too.

This is the flower portion of the garden….It’s a lot prettier that it looks.  The holly hocks in the background will be blooming in a week or two.  Then it will really look nice!

I am not a fru-fru flower gardener.  If the plant is hardy it makes it I love it and if not, I don’t even buy it.

Here’s the onions and a view towards the tomatoes.

You can see lots of sauerkraut in our future!

The green beans that he is so anxious to eat are hidden in this shot…

and here’s a shot from the strawberry beds.

Yesterday I was way out in the field and planted a whole pack of squash, another row of sweet corn and a row of beans…and another hill of zucchini (don’t tell anyone about the zucchini-we will have it coming out our ears if it actually grows).  I am hoping they make it in field garden as there wasn’t much room left in the garden after it was planted so the extra space was nice.

All in all it is looking pretty good.  We need rain here.  I watered earlier in the week and will be watering again soon.  Tomorrow I have to get some more weeding done but for now, I am off to go to an antique auction with Hubby.

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  1. A while back you gave a recipe for bread in a jar. Since then I’ve been making pumpkin bread that way and always have some on hand. Last night we had company and no grabbed a couple of jars…sliced…added cool whip and a drizzle of caramel sauce and had a great dessert that everyone liked. (A couple had to pick out the pecans, but…)

  2. I grew up in Washington state and my family had a huge garden. That was many years ago and I kind-of miss it. Not the work but the fresh vegetables! I remember cringing the first time I actually paid for a zucchini after I got married and moved 800 miles away to an apartment. Why are the cabbages in containers? And the strawberries? Do you keep the strawberries from year to year and if so how do you fertilize them and with what? I wonder if gardening is done different in different areas of the country? A lot of quilters are gardeners as well. Maybe now you have two subjects to write about in your wonderful blog!

  3. LOL – I had to laugh when you said you watered earlier in the week and will be watering again soon. Around here, I have to water twice a day! 102 degrees and 30 mph winds so not a happy garden make! My garden is much smaller because I would be out there all day if it were the size of yours. I am envious. And zuchinni is the one thing that grows like crazy here. Oh, and jalapenos…lots of very hot jalapenos!

  4. Very nice garden! AND a very nice family to help you plant it! Why do you put cans or whatever that is around the cabbage?

  5. Nothing prettier than a well-kept garden, Jo, and yours is beautiful. Is that a clematis blooming on the trellis? Gorgeous!

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