My Frugal Hubby

My Hubby is a die hard farmer.  He carries a pliers with him pretty much everywhere except to church or if we’re going out.  Other than that…he has a pliers.

About ten years ago I remember searching and looking and trying to find him a pliers holder.  In general, he’s not a picky guy.  But with a pliers holder-He’s very picky.  They have to have an opening at the bottom so dirt and junk can fall through.  Well at that time (10 years ago) we finally found one.  It’s the one the right.  He used that and used that and used that.

Hubby takes about 4 days off a year-meaning he works the rest of the 361 other days.  So this pliers holder has gone to work with him 3610 days.  Well two Christmas’ ago our son was so excited because he knew that Hubby’s pliers holder was looking shabby and our son actually found the kind Hubby likes so he gifted it to Hubby.


Hubby loved the gift but refused to start using the new one as his old one still had life in it….

Well the time has come.  The loop in the old one broke and Hubby is now using the new one.  Can you believe the difference in the holders.  It’s hard to believe the old one once looked like the new one.

He’s had the same pliers holders for all of those years but I would hate to know how many pliers he’s had…he looses those…a little too much.

6 thoughts on “My Frugal Hubby”

  1. My husbands plier case looks the same way. He’s been known to sew it up with baling wire. I think anything can be fixed with baking wire

  2. That pouch on the right looks almost exactly like my dad’s – and he’s done the exact same thing, refusing to use a new one until the old one was REALLY done.

  3. That is such a great photo. The pliers holder on the left kind of represents what I looked like in my early twenties. Now I’m kind of feeling more like the holder on the right (except there’s a lot more life in me yet!).

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