My Friday

Thursday night Hubby and went and got groceries.  We got home later in the evening and I told him not to put away the groceries.

Over the last few months with my foot being laid up, I’ve been blessed with lots of help, including help to put away the groceries.  Although I was VERY thankful for the help, the cupboard has become a terrible mess.  I don’t have things labeled but I do have places that I put things….

Now, I can’t tell where those places are.  Too many people have been putting the groceries away.


I decided to leave the newly purchased groceries on the table, wake up early and clean the cupboard before childcare.  I was hoping I could get it reorganized in an hour….


It took longer than that!  The childcare kids had started coming so I left things on the table.

Kalissa came and watched the kids while I ran off to the doctor.  When I got back it was almost nap time.  I ended up finishing the organization over nap time.

Here it is all together and looking MUCH better.  See? I love this kind of cleaning…the organization kind…not the dusting kind.

I love this cupboard.  It’s funny…we still call it the “white” cupboard.  It was originally white and we stripped it.  I don’t think I could have come up with a better pantry for the house.

I feel so much better.  Can you believe that it inspired me to clean the refrigerator too??  My kitchen is such a nicer place to be and work in.

So about the podiatrist.  It was my final check after surgery.  Here’s the report I got….
My foot is normal for this far out from surgery.  I won’t know the complete final result from the surgery until about 9 month away from the surgery date.  Until then, I should see slow, gradual improvement.  He’s happy with the flexibility and movement of my toes.  The limp that I have should go away.  When I walk I need to force myself to roll my foot in the ball area-completely rolling through.  Right now I start to roll, feel a little discomfort and hobble forward.  If I make myself roll all the way through, I should lose my hobbling walk.

So that was my Friday…I did stop at the thrift store and had a find that made me really happy.  I’ll tell you about that later this week.

4 thoughts on “My Friday”

  1. I love your “white” cupboard! It looks like it holds a lot…and yet you can find things quickly because it’s not TOO deep.

  2. I had to laugh at the “white” cupboard story. There was a counter in my mom’s house growing up that was always the “pink” cupboard. She grew up in the same house, and the last time it was actually pink she wasn’t yet a teenager, yet it remained the pink cupboard for decades…

  3. At the farm house I grew up in, there was a bedroom painted pink that my sister Anne and I slept in. It was never the girls room, or Anne and Mary’s room – it was always the Pink room. It’s funny how things get named, and then the name lives on and on…

  4. We have an Uncle Doug counter because Uncle Doug built it! I dusted the pantry area and re-stocked it last night. . .it is that time of year. I never get a spring cleaning urge, mine is usually in the fall.

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