My Fourth

My Fourth of July was not a typical Fourth…well there were no picnics, no parades….I guess there were fireworks though.  Let me explain.

I was on tap to babysit Georgia.  Kelli had to work the 7am-7pm schedule at the hospital.  She needed a sitter and finding one on the 4th would be super hard as most people are out doing something….but I also wanted to go to Home Depot.  I told Kalissa and she wanted to go to Home Depot too.  So…we loaded up the babies, left Carver with Craig and away we went.

This was the morning for the most part…Gannon was awake.  He was good but awake.  Georgia slept almost the whole time.  For shopping companions I’d give them at A+.

I bought something to make a permanent plant holder for outside the house.  Everything already is looking better and better outside with all the landscaping improvements. I’m super excited about it.

I also ordered blinds for the living room.  A couple people had sent Home Depot cards to us when they heard we were going to fix the bathroom for Kramer and put in a walk in shower.  The shower got put on the “in ten years plan” after Kramer passed.  I didn’t know if the cards would last that long so decided to use them towards ordering some blinds for the living room.  We had to special order the blinds as our living room window is such as odd sized and I needed dark brown blinds.

I’m so glad they still had pillows.  I hadn’t had a chance to pick up them up.  Better yet, they were on sale!!  See?

Kalissa had landscaping projects in mind….

After Home Depot we stopped at Hobby Lobby.  We both had to give a little talk to ourselves before we went inside.  Hobby Lobby can be REALLY expensive if you let it be.

Our reason for going…I wanted a lamp for the living room.  I’m still determined to get the living fixed up…  (..and no, no living room furniture has arrived yet!!)

Kalissa found this sign.  Oh we both really, really liked it, but we resisted and didn’t buy it.

I found a ladder that I really thought about using for hanging quilts.  I’d put it in the living room and replace my quilt rack.  Then, as Kalissa said, I talked myself out of it.  I was afraid the kids would bump it and then either the walls or the floor would get dinged.  If I didn’t do childcare I would have hesitated….but not with childcare.  I was also afraid they’d tip it over on themselves.

Instead I started looking at this shelf.  I love it.  You can’t tell from the picture but it’s actually as tall as I am..or close.  I could easily see me folding quilts and putting them on the bottom shelves and then putting other things for decoration on the upper shelves.  Hmm.  YES I like it.

I even ended up going home and measuring and putzing to see if I’d have room and where exactly it would go.  I really think I might get it but I’m waiting until the furniture comes to make sure it would good.  The shelf was $99 which I didn’t think was terrible.

Onto lamps though.  Remember that was the reason I came to Hobby Lobby!!

Kalissa has this lamp at her house and I really like it.

Distressed Brown Metal Task Lamp
That was the lamp I was looking for.  We found one.  I put it in the cart.  Then I saw this one.  Ah…I love it too.

I swapped it out.  I put the lamp like Kalissa’s back on the shelf.  I put this one in the cart.  It reminded me of the lamps my brother Jim makes.  He makes his from real parts though.  I adored his lamps.  So…I put the industrial Hobby Lamp back on the shelf and made a note to myself to call Jim and order a lamp.

From there the babies started to want attention and we had blown a whole morning so homeward we headed.

Kalissa went right into project mode…..

I had Georgia the rest of the day…had Kalissa’s family and Craig for supper.  We had beer can chicken in the Instant Pot.  YUM!!  We all loved it and I HIGHLY recommend this recipe.  I don’t have a grill…but I love beer can chicken.

The neighbor ended up lighting off fireworks-just a house or so away- so I guess did do a little bit of a traditional Fourth of July thanks to the neighbors.

7 thoughts on “My Fourth”

  1. Lori Sparks Douglas

    How nice your new livingroom will be when you get everything ! Glad you had a good 4th with babies! Sometimes the extra days off are nice to get some everyday things done. It’s peaceful!

  2. Donna Pheneger

    I sure love Hobby Lobby but like you said, it can get expensive and you can get carried away! Ours is putting out Christmas already so since I had the grands, we looked at that too!
    It’s amazing what you can find at Home Depot though, isn’t it? It’s not just for lumber anymore!
    Glad you had a nice 4th and we able to spend most of it with family.
    Love and prayers

  3. So glad that you found those pillows and on sale, Woohoo! I think I need to try that beer can chicken, it looks really easy peasy, thanks for the share.

  4. Sounds like a lovely 4th! Another alternative to your current quilt rack, the quilt ladder, and that shelf??? I’ve seen a quilt rack/ladder built in the wall. Seems easy enough to build! Some 2 x 4’s and some rods/dowels it may be a good solution with the childcare kids

  5. SusanfromKentucky

    Thanks for the recipe share! I will probably try making this for myself.
    I spent the 4th just comforting my poor pup from all the noise. I got locked out of my house at 11:45 when I took him outside to potty. My next-door-neighbors’ lights were on, so I went over to see if he could please text my son to come home and let us back in. They didn’t answer the door. I finally noticed I had left my car doors unlocked, so we spent about 3 hours in the car waiting for my son. Subsequently, the next morning, I received a nasty, text from the neighbor telling me I couldn’t come over “unannounced” like that any more. Needless to say, they will no longer be my friends anymore. Going back to keeping to myself again.

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