My Flowers….and Grandma Time

I thought you might enjoy seeing my flowers outside.  They are really beautiful this year.  I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with them.  I planted my own hanging baskets this year.  I’ve always wanted to but it never has happened.  Then last year in about November, I was over at Kalissa’s house and saw that she had her three huge hanging baskets, now dried up and dead, next to her garbage can.  I asked her if she was throwing them out and she said yes, so I asked if I could have them.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said sure….

Well this is the hanging basket now….

I planted an unusual assortment of fushcias, sunpatiens, and regular impatiens.  I love the baskets and will plant them like this next year too.

Here’s Georgia playing in the water that leaked out of the basket after I watered them.

The two matching baskets hang on the pole that Craig put up for me last year.  We did so much landscape work last year and this year, the work is finally looking really good.

This is the front of the house.  I think I’m going to have Buck build me another planter to go at the front.  He originally built these for me as a mother’s day present.  He builds a lot of decks for people and then can have the leftover lumber scraps.  He made the planters with that and I love them.

Here you can see the back side of them…. They are layered with the back one taller than the front one.

You might remember that last year Craig also helped me by building these stair step planters.  On the edge where Gannon was sitting was an open space about 10″ wide.  I was always afraid that a child would fall off the steps or the porch into that space.  I asked Craig to make a planter to fit there.

Well Craig made two…one for each side.

See how they match the stair steps?  I love them.

Here is how it originally looked.  Isn’t this so much nicer?

Carver is showing off the flowers that go from my front porch to the garage door.

Craig, Kalissa’s husband, helped me landscape that too.  The back is mulched…the front is actual dirt.

It was my idea to do it this way.  Here’s a picture of us working on it over a year ago.

Here is is now…. I bought some poles for bird feeders but haven’t gotten that far yet.  In fact I don’t think I’m actually going to keep them here…the hummingbird feeder yes..the other no.

When I originally went to the garden center to pick up my impatiens, I debated the whole way there over which color I plants I should get-red, coral- pink- purple??  Then when I got there, they only had mixed.  I was disappointed at first but now…I am not.  I love the mix and will plant this from now on.

Having them mix lets me have this big red begonia.  It coordinates so wonderfully.  It’s so pretty and it always looks like this…it’s continually blooming.  This is anther of those big planters I got from Kalissa that I planted myself.

These are all shade plants.

I have a stray plant here…It needs to be planted.  It’s a pink hydrangea.  It needs to get planted.  I’ve been waiting for someone to come and help with the digging.

It’s going over here…on the south side of the house.  Craig helped me landscape this too.  After Kramer died, we got a lot of plants as memorials which was perfect.  We planted many of them right here…

This one that died was a purple hydrangea so I bought a plant to replace it.   I need to dig this one out and get the other in there.

A gardener’s work is never done!!

Someone, who I don’t know, was riding bike past our house and yelled, “Hey flower lady…your flowers look awesome!”  That made me smile.

The dead plant in the way background of the upper photo is my neighbor’s plant…not mine.

I really love how it looks.  I love all the blooming flowers.  They are a real pick me up.

This is what 120 impatiens seedlings can become.  Yep…I planted that many!!

I’d love to say all of my flowers looks this good but sadly, they don’t.  At the fence they look really nice…at the garden they don’t at all.  The front 1/4 of the garden is flowers.  They are very weedy.  Better than last year, but still a problem.  We need a good rain so I can pull weeds again.  This is going to be my focus this fall once it cools off.

I’ve wanted to leave this with no real landscaping-more cottage gardenish but we’ve lived here 5 years now, and I’ve yet to get a good hold on this area so landscaping and mulch it will be.  I’m okay with that…I think the bird feeders will go here too.  I’m not sure.  Those of you good luck with birds, where would you put the feeders?  I thought about by the front door too.  We don’t use it a lot…so maybe.

I had Kalissa and Kelli’s kids here when I was taking pictures.  After pictures I got out the hose and started watering.  When it’s really hot I water everything in planters every other day.  When it’s not really hot, every three days.

Carver begged me to spray the house at them.  It’s a “game” we play.  I spray the water into the air and they run under.  He usually rides bike and I try to “catch” him with the water.

Gannon loved it….

Georgia loved it….

I make sure they don’t really get wet.

Carver will ride just out of reach…

But…sometimes I get him.

Then he rides to the end of the driveway…

It’s one of his favorite “games”…

mine too!!  The mess stays outside and there is no clean up except to put the hose away.

So that’s my flower garden tour….and a moment with the grandkids…It was a really good day that I could repeat several times over and over again.

37 thoughts on “My Flowers….and Grandma Time”

  1. Flowers are beautiful! Your house looks so pretty and inviting – you have done a great job getting it to look so nice. The mix in colors is very good. Oh how the kids love water!

  2. Love the flowers!
    On another note. …. Dinah Jeffries who wrote THE TEA PLANTER”S WIFE….well, she wrote several other books too. THE SAPPHIRE WIDOW is good too, but I just finished THE SEPARATION and I really really liked it! Maybe you would too?

  3. Jo your flowers are amazing! As for the bird feeders, I keep mine away from the area where my dogs go. They will get sick if they eat the bird droppings and I have a dachshund that will eat anything and everything. So my bird feeders are outside my front window where I can see them all winter long. And the dog yard is in back where they cant eat the fallen seeds and the bird droppings.

  4. Felicia Hamlin

    My goodness! That is awesome, I love all the mix of colors and that is what I do. I can never stick with one or two colors, so what you have here is really to my liking. I have two baskets of impatients but they probably get too much sun, I should put them in the shade. Great job!

  5. Joanne M Perry

    I once lived in a house where I could see the bird feeders while I was washing dishes. There was a hummingbird feeder outside the dining room window also.
    So I would vote to place your feeders outside windows that you are sitting or standing near frequently during the day.

  6. I don’t put my bird feeders in my flower beds because the seeds they drop sprout and then I have corn or other things growing in my beds. I put them some where that will be mowed like next to the driveway or sidewalk or under a tree so I can keep the surprises mowed down. It works for me.

  7. Lovely flowers and great water photos, Jo! Although, it didn’t look like Gannon liked the water game very much. To me, it appeared that he was crying instead of laughing I love gardens with annuals! Alas, I’m lazy and plant mostly perennials.

  8. Your landscaping looks fabulous. And, this is a timely post. Hubby and I were just talking about how much we have planted this year in the back yard. The front is always nice, but because the back is only seen by us, family, and a few friends, we’ve never done much with it. Of course, we have both been at home for 4-5 months now, so it was a perfect opportunity. We sit out there almost every evening now and enjoy it. I got a lot of the flowering annuals on sale and did a bunch of the mixed hanging baskets like you have done. The flowers make me so happy.

  9. Your flowers look wonderful! My neighbor have a bird feeder and the birds are messy, even at my house! I suggest you put the feeders away from where you, your dog, or the grands walk or play. Another problem is the bluejays come and they are LOUD and messy. The feeder attracted the local squirrels and either the birds or the squirrels ate all my strawberries this year!

  10. you want the bird feeders where you can see them from the house – sitting in some chair – watching birds is relaxing……..

  11. I love your flowers and the way you have landscaped around the house. I’m trying to decide what to do with my front and I think I need to channel what you have done with your house. I have several bird feeders and I put them where I can see them and also near bushes/trees. They don’t like to be exposed so if they have a place they can hide and hang out they would be happy. They do make a mess but it helps if you can get a tray to put beneath the feeder. I’ve seen some clever things folks have done with a multi compartment tray found at the dollar store and attach it to the bottom of the feeder.

  12. It really isn’t very hard to dig in a garden, because the soil is usually quite loose from watering. Also, digging up a dead plant is easy because all you do is loosen the soil around it, pull on it and it comes right out (don’t fall over backwards.) By planting the same type of plant, hydrangea, you’ll just be using the same hole as the old plant, maybe with a little more digging. You can do it, Jo.
    Your flowers look marvelous, so pretty and bright!

  13. Hey flower lady……your flowers are gorgeous! :-)

    You’ve done a wonderful job landscaping and the work is really paying off. I love impatiens and fuschias.

    Regarding bird feeders: hang them where seed sprouting below will be easy to manage-you’ll be pulling them up often depending on the feed mix you buy. Honestly, birds will go the feeder anywhere as long as there aren’t dogs nearby to threaten them and Rosie isn’t outside without you so she’s not a threat.

    Yea for Grandma day :-)

  14. Hi Jo. #1 Keep that wonderful son-in-law. It’s hard to find willing help. #2 Your flowers and pots are perfect. My favorite are the stair step planter boxes. Wonderful! #3 Love, love, just love impatience…especially all mixed up. #4 You have adorable grandchildren! #5 We have a bird feeder next to our porch…too messy, but it’s my hubby’s hobby and he cleans it all up, so I really cannot say much as I enjoy them also. #6 I call you blessed. :-) Thank you for sharing your labors of love with us….did I tell you you have adorable grandchildren?!?!
    Until next time!

  15. Your flowers are beautiful, especially the impatiens. I planted a few this year and apparently the bunnies love them – and the vegetables, even some of the fenced ones. We have a ‘rabbit’ fence around the gardens but the baby bunnies ran thru that like it wasn’t even there. So now we have a rabbit fence with a chicken wire fence reinforcement. They had eaten all of my bean and pea plants, some of the asparagus and the strawberries. They aren’t afraid to eat tomato or cucumber plants. They like my houseplants that I drag outside for the summer. And impatiens plants are completely eaten. I quit feeding the birds, except the hummingbirds and orioles because the squirrels and chipmunks won’t leave the bird feeders alone. Not just the bird food – they also eat the feeders. And every once in a while a deer or 2 show up. We live a half mile from ‘country’ but it is like wild kingdom in our yard!

  16. Your flowers are beautiful! I have bird feeders right outside my breakfast room and outside my kitchen window and I love them. By using good quality bird seed and sunflower hearts rather than whole sunflower seed you can cut way down on the seeds sprouting under the feed and keep the mess down. The Wild Bird store where I purchase my food has a no mess blend. Well worth the little extra it costs.

  17. I really loved the story about the passerby who called out the random compliment to you. What a great reminder of how something like that can be a day-brightener, and that we ought to say something kind when we think it. Everyone loves to hear a spontaneous compliment!

  18. Marian in Rochester

    Your home is a show place! An accomplishment that you should be proud of. I enjoyed all your pictures! We could use some rain!

  19. I just love your garden!! Your impatience are just beautiful! Love the mix colors and I would be like the guy on the bike and tell you that your flowers are beautiful!! Thanks for the tour of your garden!!

  20. Geogous flowers Jo. Don’t put your bird feeder in a flower bed or you will never stop pulling weeds. In the yard, you can use “weed be gone” to deal with the germinated bird seed. The birds are fun to watch, so place it in a spot seen from your windows.

  21. You found a some good flowers that look GREAT! Glad you shared their blooms with us! Your landscaping is wonderful too!

  22. Jo your house is popping with colors, the yard looks amazing. I really like the mixed impatients, wow factor for sure. Carver is doing a great job and his bike and the water game looks like fun.

  23. Your place looks beautiful, a little slice of heaven!
    As for the bird feeders, put them someplace where you won’t mind picking weeds. We put them near our garden one year and all the seeds dropped on the ground grew! LOL! Not a flower in the bunch!
    Love and prayers

  24. Lorraine Doyno Evans

    Beautiful landscaping and flowers. Mine and many others gardens are doing well this year. My theory is that with Covid we are not going anywhere and have more time to pay attention to our gardens and water and care for them more. Gardening takes a lot of time and work so it makes sense to me. I know it is the case for me, anyway. Great job.

  25. WOW! Love your flower displays, how beautiful! Regarding those bird feeders? They’re messy, and the seeds sprout underneath prolifically. So unless you LOVE weeding (and I don’t, either!), plant in the lawn area, and be prepared to move the metal pole every few weeks, or you’ll build up a small mound at the bottom. It’s really not that big of a hassle for all the enjoyment of having bird feeders. Also, be sure to take apart the feeders every few weeks, too, and thoroughly wash it or you’ll have a contaminated feeder. I don’t mind that chore, either, as I use specified brushes JUST for the chore (including an old toothbrush to get into the smaller crevices).

  26. This is ALL so beautiful. I really do love your idea of the strip of dirt toward the front of your flowerbed and mulch toward the back. I just may try adding a dirt strip around some of my established beds so that I can plant some fun front of the border annuals.

    I garden more than I quilt (at the moment), so want to especially thank you for sharing all the information about your garden.

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