My Floors

I’ve been working on the floors in my house.

My old fashion hardwood floors have been getting more and more and more beaten up as time goes on.  The childcare and grandkids have been so hard on them.  It’s totally okay but something needed to be done with them to get them looking better again.

I saw a product on Instagram.  It was in a reel there and the person had said his floors were so thirsty and was applying this to them.  I looked locally but couldn’t find the product so ended up finding it on Amazon.  You can find it HERE.

Sadly my can came dented.  It didn’t really matter.  All that mattered was, would it work?

I gave it a try…

Here you can see where I applied it and where I didn’t.

It took about four hours to dry and looked like this after it was dry…

I am VERY happy with it.

But…my life has been topsy turvy since I discovered it as all of the floor on the main level of the house are this same hardwood and all of them need to be done.  I try to do them so they dry overnight but I’ve been trying to get three coats on each floor.

It is super easy to work with.  Anyone can do it.  Just clean the floors really well, pour the product on the floor and wipe with a cloth.  That easy.  I’m just thrilled that it’s so easy.

Moving the furniture all out of each room is a challenge and timing is even harder.  You all know my house is so busy with kids and grandkids in and out of the house.  It’s a big-time challenge that has locked me out of my office and away from my computer leaving the writing of blog posts impossible as first the computer room had to be done…then the rooms that adjoin the computer room.  I’m doing the best I can but if there’s a day there’s no post in the next week or so, you’ll know why.  I’m working on the floors.

14 thoughts on “My Floors”

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    The floors look amazing!! Great job! Can Karl help with the furniture?
    Don’t worry about the blog…we can all survive!!
    Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Oh my gosh! We are getting ready to work on our salvage wood flooring. This is perfect timing. What do u think about using it on woodwork? We bought all the trim, doors, and flooring from an old house being torn down to “age” our 90s ranch, Crazy right? Everything is dry and worn. I’m ordering now!

  3. The floors look great! It is hard to move all one room’s furniture and then back again, but so worth it. What a great product. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hard to believe the product is not available locally for you as it’s a staple in our area. Where my husband works as a delivery driver they carry it, too! We’re in WA State near the US/Canadian Border. If you ever need more shoot me an email I’ll be happy to send you a can of it. You’ve done a great job on your floor, Jo!

  5. I use something similar every 6 months to wipe on my window sills. The sun dries the wood & they look so good after I treat them.

  6. Wow – what a difference! Beautiful work. I know how hard this is to do. We had panel floors at our old house. Be careful moving furniture! And don’t you worry about us and your blog posts! We know how busy you are.
    Love and prayers

  7. Gorgeous! Wonder if the product could be used on old wood furniture? I use the recommended waxes but they don’t appear much different then before they are applied.

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