My Favorite Dishcloths

My daughter Kayla treated me with….


dishcloths.  My favorite kind…knitted.  Kayla is a super talent and always has a project in hand.  In fact, I have started keeping cotton yarn and knitting needles here…just in case she visits and needs a project….she can work on a dishcloth for me.  While watching a movie when she was here over Thanksgiving, she had half a dishcloth finished.  I am secretly plotting to watch a movie next time she’s home so the other half will get finished.  I adore knitted dishcloths.  She’s tried to teach me but I am just too tense and my wrists just ache horribly.

Last year for Christmas she knitted my slippers and for my birthday, my mittens.

Kayla has been busy making bags from “plarn”….Yes plarn.  Plarn is plastic bags that have been cut into strip and used as yarn.  Here’s a picture of one of her totes.  She’s has had the tote with her when we’ve been out shopping and people are constantly asking her about it.


Kayla blogs and shares many of her patterns with her readers.  Here’s a link to her free pattern section….and here’s a link to her blog Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways.  She also has a coloring website, Kayla’s Daily Doodle…plus she is a server at a restaurant and will be student teaching in the spring…..You’ll have to check her out because she truly is a talent.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Dishcloths”

  1. I have a friend who crochets dishcloths and they are great! I can see why you like theses dishcloths. Plarn sounds interesting…..I do not knit myself but I’ll pass along her blog info to my friends that do :)

  2. They are the best dishcloths, aren’t they? Wish i knew how to knit! A friend of mine’s mother used to make them for me, but they are all gone :(

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