My Favorite Breakfast….

I love breakfast.  I am NOT one of those people who just skips it like my hubby does.  I like all types of breakfast food too…English Muffins, bagels, toast, Oatmeal, bran or granola type cereals…but my favorite breakfast is this…

I know…it looks yucky but it’s yummy.  Here’s how you can make it and give it a try.  The night before grab yourself a carton of yogurt…whatever you like.  Right now I am on a kick of Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla Coconut.   Dump it out into a cereal bowl. Add a hand full of Old Fashion Oatmeal (Quick Oats works too.)  I add some chia seeds too but you don’t have to.  Stir it up.  Cover and refrigerate it.  In the morning add fruit of your choice (for today it was strawberries and banana) and some walnuts if you like.

The oatmeal ends up chewy but completely moist and is flavored like the yogurt.  This version with the vanilla coconut yogurt reminds me of a banana split flavor minus the chocolate.  If you are taking a lunch to work, this would be a great option.  You can put all the fruit on top that night and just stir it all once you are ready to eat.  My daughter Kayla eats this as a lunch quite often.

When hubby is in the field farming and I know he won’t be in, this has become my lunch too.  Then I just make it in the morning and eat it at noon.  If you happen to forget it, it’s good the next day too.

If you have  little ones in your life you might want to check out this…crafts that can be made from you yogurt containers.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Breakfast….”

  1. Sounds yummy! I love breakfasat foods, but not eating first thing in the morning. So I’ll feed the kids something quick and then do the whole scrambled eggs and bacon and hashbrowns for lunch. One of these days, my husband is going to come into the kitchen and not assume that I haven’t fed the kids all day…

  2. This sounds good, and it looks good too. It would also make a nice healthy dessert, I think. :-) I am a breakfast person too. I struggle to function if I miss breakfast or it’s too late. I at least have to have a snack! :-)

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