My Fabric Diet

I put myself on a diet.  It happened in about April.  It wasn’t a regular diet, it was a “fabric diet”.  I told myself that if I didn’t buy any fabric, I’d have money for other things at the quilt shop….so I decided to “go on a fabric diet” (that doesn’t include thrifted fabric though)  I would just cut back on spending on fabric with the goal of spending now, except for thrifted fabric.

I decided if I was good and didn’t buy fabric, I could get the Slim Line Lamp.  So when I went on the quilting retreat, I bought….The Slim Line lamp .  Here’s Carver and me showing it off.  Being I didn’t spend the money on fabric, the light was easily affordable.  I used to always buy some fabric when I went to a quilt shop.

I bought a floor lamp version.  I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it.

When I was there I bought the large sized pressing mat-then Kelli and I each got the medium sized mat from our joint account.  Again, if I wasn’t buying fabric or kits from the fabric store, this was affordable.

Well I loved my lamp…I loved my mat.  I have never been happier “on a diet”.  In fact, it’s my best diet ever!!

Well with the purchase of the two old Singers, (one I told you about in the morning blog post and the other here) I had to do some rearranging in the quilting room.  I wanted the machines to be out and to use them.  Previously I sewed on a table and only had portable machines.  It was something like this…


Well in my room change and purge that I started last spring (and never finished) things have been gradually changing (more than they were before)….and now they have changed even more.

Over the weekend I pulled out the rug (sold it on the garage sale).  I’ve been going rug-less more and more in my house.  I grouped the machines together in the middle.  See?

From there, Miss 99K got the Slim Line Floor Lamp…..

Then I went to LouAnn’s again and bought the Slim Line Table Top Lamp.

That lamp can hop from machine to machine more easily than the floor lamp so the table top lamp will hop between the Pfaff and Julie my 15-91.

While I was at Lou Ann’s in Oelwein, I ended up trading in my smaller wool pressing mat and getting the larger one.  Most of the ironing I do in this room is on blocks or pieces.  So…I’m not keeping an ironing board up all the time.  The mat will work here and if not here, I’ll pop it over to the cutting table and use it there.  The mats are easy to move from place to place.

So far, I love this set up and it works with my space.  If I want to watch television when I sew, I’ll sit at the Pfaff or Julie the 15-91.  If it’s an audio book day, I’ll sew at Miss 99K.

I had trouble with my old ironing board.  It was stuck open and wouldn’t collapse.  I ended up throwing it out and found this one for free on a garage sale.  This one is vintage….has nice black metal legs.  PERFECT!

So now the main part of the room is set up.  Now, I’m moving on the rest of room.

First up I am going to get felt circles put on the bottom of the chairs so the floor doesn’t scuff.  After that, I’m going to find the 1/4″ seam allowance on the two vintage Singers.  The rest can wait a day or two…after all, it’s waited for almost 4 months already.  It was in April when I first started the purge and the new shelving in the closet.  Good thing I’m a patient girl.

Watch for more sewing room updates.  I really want this room together before Hubby is in the field with harvest…that’s when I do a lot of sewing!!

8 thoughts on “My Fabric Diet”

  1. I think your set up is excellent..I also have an old ironing board , it was the one I ironed on at home about 46 years ago…..I love it and I buy a new cover every few years…This is going to last longer than me LOL

  2. I bought one of the wool ironing mats also and I love it! Brilliant idea and so portable also. I am not totally unpacked/organized since we moved about 16 months ago (major back surgery got in the way), but I plan to have the ironing mat to the right of my machine and will have the ironing board set up all the time, too. I am lucky to have two bedrooms to use for sewing and believe me, I need the space! I downsized so much when we moved, but I’m afraid my hours in bed have resulted in replacement stash of my new favorite fabrics–much more modern. I love it all really, but now the brights just make me happy. I think it’s impressive what you accomplish since you’re doing day care all day. I love the little ones, but they drain my energy in no time!

  3. When we were first married (1979) we couldn’t afford an ironing board. One day my husband’s aunt asked if I’d like to go to a farm auction. I was so excited, my first auction! It was not well attended and a lot of nice old furniture went for low low prices. If only we had had a little money. Then they were auctioning an ironing board—oh joy! They started high and nobody wanted it. When it got to $1 I bid and won. My hubby paid his aunt for it out of the piggy bank. It still works great!

  4. If you use steam when you iron on your wool mat be sure to protect the table underneath it so the steam won’t ruin it. (Don’t ask me how I know this!) I have one and love it. I also have a streamline lamp and it’s the best investment I’ve made in a long time, at least sewing wise.

  5. Love my wool mat, too. Now that you don’t have a rug in the room, a rolling office chair with no arms would be a great purchase. I roll from sewing machine to ironing board and never have to get up.

  6. The Slimline lamps really are great – I have the floor model next to my stitching chair and love it. I love the rug that you sold, but I’m the same way – I like to see my wood floors and to me it’s easier to just sweep the floor and not have a rug to vacuum and mess with.

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