My Drying Rack

I have forever been the butt of several jokes from my kids.  They think I am over doing the frugal thing because I save Ziplock type bags.

If you have ever tried this, it’s not the easiest thing to do.  In the past I have tried to wash them and then tried to dry them by draping them over a glass.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t the most successful idea but that’s what I did.  It often left my kitchen counter with a couple glasses with baggies draped over them sitting on the counter for a couple days.  They just didn’t dry the best.

Then the move to the new house.  At first I was on survival mode after the move and didn’t bother with saving bags.  Now I am finally finding a little more time and settling back into my old ways.  I started saving plastic bags again.

As I was hanging the baggie over a glass I happen to be facing the sewing room.  The drying rack was out and I had my plastic coated baby bids on there drying when I though hmm….what if I hang the bags on the rack?


It’s perfect.  They typically dry overnight now.  The laundry room is attached to the kitchen so it’s no big deal to hang and retrieve them.  The best part…no glasses sitting on the counter all the time!!

I love the old fashion wall drying rack.  I use it all the time.  It’s not huge so I can’t get a whole big load hung out on it but I use it for towels and rugs all the time.   I bought it down in Amish country near Hazelton.

Best of all the kids can’t razz me quite so bad about saving the plastic bags now.  They dry so quickly I have them put away before they even notice!

Anyone else save or reuse something that drives your kids crazy??  I’d love to hear about it.

21 thoughts on “My Drying Rack”

  1. I do tons of things that drive my kids crazy, but saving bags isn’t one of them. In my defense, they do tons of things that drive me crazy too.

  2. I also save ziploc bags using the glass drying method. My poor husband thought I was crazy at first but has now come to terms with this inherited habit.

    Thrilled to know my family is not the only crazy ones!

  3. I love the drying rack. Next time I visit, my son wants to take me to Amish area in Pennsylvania. Maybe I can look for one of those drying racks.

  4. Oh i definitely re-use my zip lock bags–I dry them over my sopa dispenser near the sink–hugs, Julierose P.S. Love that rack–how far does it reach out into the room?? I’d love to get one for my laundry room….

  5. Oh yes, I save my zip lock baggies, draping them all over my tiny kitchen. I do not have room for a drying rack, but if I did, I’d get one like yours, Jo!! And about making your kids crazy, that’s your job!! They need stories to tell at future family reunions and stories to hand down to their children so I figure we’re giving them all the raw material they need to create long term family memories. It’s part of their inheritance…….

  6. I wash the freezer bags but not the sandwich bags. And I try to use those as quickly as possible because I remember my husband’s grandmother’s pantry smelling of old plastic bags.

    My husband takes the empty toilet paper tubes and shoves them inside each other to make fire starters. We have so many of them now that I tear up the tubes and push them under other stuff in the garbage. :)

  7. Gladys McIntyre

    I have one of these drying racks and also save my zip lock bags. My daughter picks on me all the time but they come in so handy for quilting pieces and other craft projects. I also save bread bags. I don’t wash them but fold them up and use them for my own home made breads and rolls. Now that we have a great grandson, they come in so handy for those dirty disposable diapers too!.

  8. I’m sure there are lots of things I do that drive my kids crazy but the one thing that I remember is something that my grandma did that drove my mom crazy. Grandma would go to the lake camping with us every summer (almost every weekend). Mom would buy plastic sliverware and solo cups (obviously she didn’t want to be doing dishes at the lake.) Grandma would dig the silverware and cups out of the trash and the next thing you know, was washing them so we could re-use them. Its funny now but mom didn’t think so at the time. She was furious! But grandma still did it!

  9. I reuse ziplog bags, too. And I save the waxed paper bags from inside cereal boxes! It’s perfect to use in the freezer to separate hamburger patties. I make a big batch of small meat loaves for the two of us, and put each one in its own cereal bag, and then put several in a large ziploc freezer bag. Keeps the ziploc bag nice and clean. I am a true Depression baby.

  10. If you are careful you can balance them open on the counter! LOL… I do save them, we use them when we throw nasty meat smelly fish etc away. I have been known to FREEZE greasy liquids in them so that the summer heat won’t bother them.
    What drives my kids crazy is my DH, we put a plastic bag in the trash (to keep the can cleaner) and then a paper bag that we take the trash out every few days. Since I recycle and compost, there is less waste.

  11. Jo,
    You obviously are not the only person who washes out Ziploc bags. I don’t have a dishwasher so I just put them in the sink after the dishes are done and rinse them out. I have found that if you turn them inside out and roll the zip part over (like a hem) they will stand on their own. Or else I put them on top of cups etc until they are not drippy anymore, then I hang them on my knife block (kind of like a tiny drying rack.)

  12. Mary Etherington`

    The dedication page in our book “Use It Up…” is a list of our mothers’ thrifty habits and the one my mom did that I never knew about was saving the waxed paper bag from a box of cereal! She used it for all sorts of things and now when I catch myself saving the bags, too, I know I have turned into my mother. Ha!

  13. I, too, save the waxed paper from cereal boxes and use them to separate hamburger patties that I make myself. I also reuse ziplock bags for chicken bones, meat papers, or other meat bones and place them in the trash. Keeps them from smelling up the trash. We live in the country so we burn our own trash rather than have a garbage man.

  14. Jo, I am giggling because I washed, saved, and reused zip locks for years. My kids all were embarrassed that I would do that. Worse, I insisted they wash them when they helped with dishes….but just recently, my daughter admitted “OMG, Mom, I’m washing and reusing zip locks! I’m becoming YOU.” We both laughed, but frugality rubbed off now that she runs her own home and budget.

  15. I save plastic bags if they don’t have meat in them. Once they’re clean I use them in my quilting room for various things. I have so many saved bags that I need to stop, but I can’t! Just like saving scraps, I cannot throw away something that is still useable. It also “kills” me to throw away a glass jar. I’m sure there’s a use for it.

  16. Hi Jo–of course I wash and reuse ziplock bags too but what I hear about most from my kids is saving gift boxes and cardboard cartons. It’s worth the heckling I take when one of them asks for a gift box!

  17. Hi Jo! Love reading your blog. I don’t save zip lock bags but I do something that my daughters give me a bad time about. When the soap in my hand soap gets low enough that it won’t pump out any longer, I dilute the remaining soap by half, shake it up really good and continue using it until it no longer pumps out again. I then throw the pump away but continue using the remaining soap in the bottle diluting it a bit more so that it runs out easier. It’s not gone until the bottle has been completely rinsed. I get a week or rwo more out of a bottle of soap with only two in the house. I do something similar with a bottle of lotion.

  18. Susan the Farm Quilter

    When my uncle passed away, I found an entire dresser filled with the neat, clean bags from cereal boxes, in the butler’s pantry were grocery sacks filled with butter wrappers, sacks filled with the Styrofoam trays from meat, and bags of glass jars. I’ll clean and re-use freezer ziplock bags once, but the fear of turning into my uncle keeps me from doing more!

  19. We always washed and reused plastic bags when I was growing up and I just continued as an adult. Years back I bought a smallish 3-armed drying rack on ebay and had it mounted in the kitchen. At first I hung some pretty tea towels on it, but it was so handy for the plastic bags that before long that’s all we used it for. Love my drying rack!

  20. no one has mentioned their mother saving/washing aluminum foil. I think it was thicker 30 years ago and maybe worth the extra effort to save to use one more time?

  21. I too clean out ziplock bags and reuse them. I love this idea of the drying rack. I already have a towel rack about the sink, so will start putting them up there to dry. Thank you for sharing the idea.

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