My Dress…and other wedding fun.

Surprise…my dress came from Goodwill.

January in 2013 while Hubby was attending an overnight beef conference.  I road along.  While he was at the conference,  I went shopping for a dress for Buck and Jen’s wedding.  I found a dress off the clearance rack at Yonker’s for $29.  I was happy with the dress and opted to go with a short dress as it was an August wedding.


On the way home Hubby suggested stopping in at Goodwill in Independence, Iowa.  We did and I saw the dress I’m wearing on the rack there for $14.  I bought it thinking it would do for Kelli’s wedding if they decided to get married.

I coupled it with shoes I had, a scarf from Kayla’s wedding, and jewelry that Buck and Jen had given me.


It was my favorite dress I’ve worn for weddings, it didn’t look bad and it was the most comfortable dress I’ve worn as it was stretchy.  Had someone not saved the day with some Static Guard, I might have been quite so happy with it.

On other wedding notes…Our daughter Kalissa was the maid of honor and had to give a toast at the reception.  We video taped it….you can see it here.  It’s cute as it is a parody to Taylor’s Swift’s Love Story.

That’s the latest…I’ll show you wedding decor tomorrow.  Kelli did such a nice job and it was totally on the cheap.

7 thoughts on “My Dress…and other wedding fun.”

  1. Jo, You looked beautiful as did all of your daughters and your handsome husband. Kalissa’s toast was really cute. She has a beautiful voice. She should try out for The Voice.

  2. You are a beautiful family. Kelli’s dress was awesome! I really like the fact that she is so talented and artistic. The wedding decorations were so lovely. Congratulations, Kelli and best wishes to all your family!
    Joyce B.
    in the Ozark Mountains

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