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A few weeks ago, Hubby and I stopped at an antique shop.  There I saw a doll dress that was exactly the dress that my doll had when I was growing up.  I was so excited to see it as I have always wanted to get a doll to have, more for decoration than anything.  The dress had the dolls name on it…that meant I might be able to find her…sadly just the dress and no doll.

This is the doll and dress.   She was a 22″ Kissy doll.  My mom had gotten her for me at a thrift store so I had no idea that she even “kissed” until I recently did a little investigation.

I started hunting on ebay but most of the “Kissy” dolls come with this dress instead.  The face and arms look the same but the hair looks different.


When searching I also have to be careful because I found out that some are 16″.  I want the 22″.  At 22″ she is perfect so that baby clothes could fit on her.

I loved that she could stand up and sit too.  Oh I would love to find one.

All this doll searching had me wondering if I could find my other dolls too.  That had me looking for pictures from growing up and all I could come up with is a picture of my niece and nephew with my dolls…and yes, my niece is wearing a wig.


The dolls are Kissy (who I called Janey), then two Drowsy dolls.  One Drowsy had the awesome pull string that I wore out and one had the box inside that I squeezed to make her talk.  If you had one of those you might remember her saying, “Go to sleep now.  Nite-nite”  or “I want another drink of water” or “Close your eyes mommy”.

The big doll to the right is my Suzy doll and in the front is my niece’s Amy.

I am wondering if anyone might be able to help me.  Do you know what the name of my Suzy doll is??  My parents bought matching dolls LONG ago-I am guessing the early 50’s-as Christmas presents for my oldest brother and sister.  My brother gave me his.

I’d also like to know more about my niece’s Amy doll.  It is a Horsman brand doll-16″ tall.  I had one just like it only mine had long blonde hair.  I’d love to find her too.  She was from the early 70’s.

Oh I just wish I would have kept my dolls in the first place.  I am a little more nostalgic as I age though…nostalgia and the new house decorating has me wanting to replicate the dolls I had and use them as decor in one of the bedrooms.

Are any of you doll collectors or can any of you help me identify my old dolls?

Today I am hooking up with the Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thursday.

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  1. Dorothy Matheson

    I am very lucky because my Mom kept my Sweet Sue Doll. And the box. Both are worse for wear but still a treasure to me.

  2. I remember having one of those great big ‘baby’ dolls!! I once saw one in an antique store but didn’t buy it. You could wash those dolls, and their jointed limbs moved so you could sit them up and have an arm wave at you.
    When my little brother was a few months old, my sister and I were encouraged to put our matching ‘baby’ dolls on the couch, with my brother between them, in the middle. He was the same size as the dolls.
    There’s a video clip of Danny Kaye and another man or two, diapering these baby dolls, if you can find it online. I remember seeing it on maybe David Letterman? once. It was Soooo Funny! It was about New Fathers.

  3. Mariel Broadwater

    I know how you feel about the nostalgia part of your life. Suddenly I have started loving everything old… especially sewing machines! The one doll I have always wanted was Chatty Cathy. I had one in the sixties that I got for Christmas and wish I still had. Good luck on your hunt for the dolls!

  4. I don’t know if the horsman dolls are similar or not, the aren’t from the 70’s, but they have long braids. :-) The others looked similar to some of what you are looking for. :-)

  5. Hi, your suzy doll looks like the Betsy-Wetsy doll i had in the late 40’s or early 50’s. I could give her a bottle & she would wet. I still have her & she is in one of my own baby dresses. She was my favorite. Hope you find yours. :)

  6. I still have many of our (my sister’s and mine) baby dolls from the early 60s as well as our Betsy McCall dolls. I have to say they ARE worse for wear. (But I have the missing limbs!)
    Since I did not have a daughter the Barbies went to my sister’s home, but I think I have the better part of the deal.

  7. Agnes Midgorden

    My favorite doll when I was young was that kissy doll. They made different ones but yours is like the one I had. If your thinking of selling it give me a shout. I might be interested.We were pretty poor but as a kid you don’t know that sort of thing. We got coloring books and crayons for christmas each yr. One yr my Godmother gave me that doll for xmas and it was a big thing. I kept it pristine and put it back in the plastic after every time I played with it so as to keep it looking knew. I remember thinking, I had never seen or owned anything so pretty and wanted it to stay so. Being one of eight children, that is 2 boys and six girls there was bond to be jealously. After returning from playing outside my little sister completely destroyed my doll , she cut its hair all off, took a marker to its face and ripped off one of its arms. It was pretty traumatic for me at the time. In fact my mother tried to hide what had happened from me by hiding the doll in the trash can and telling me it was lost. I relentlessly searched until I found it. Memories of that doll are both the best and the worst in a way for me…it was nice seeing it, as it should be.

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