My Design Floor…and “Wall”

I’m the guest blogger over at Stash Manicure today.  I’ve been busy these last few months weaving rugs using Country Threads book Rugs from Rags.  You can head on over there and check out the details.


It’s easy and uses LOTS of fabric that you don’t care for anymore.  To learn more about the rug making, head on ever to Stash Manicure.

Anyway…  now for what I’m currently working on…(that I can show you).


It’s my block of the month….I know it’s the end of the month and you’re wondering why are working on this now?

I didn’t get October or November’s block done….UGH!  Now I’m playing catch up.  Luckily they are quick and easy.

The local quilt shop is planning on offering this again next year but I’m not going to do it.  I’m not doing the quilts from the other local quilt shop either.  There are just too many better projects on the internet.  I wish I was doing Thread Head’s quilt a long….I wish I had done The Life of  Hazel Ilene quilt.  Both of these are MUCH better than the local quilt shop offerings.  The other thing….every time a do a quilt with the local quilt shops…I end up spending too much money when I go pick up my block.

Check back tomorrow or so…I hope to show you my FINISHED Note to Self quilt….

12 thoughts on “My Design Floor…and “Wall””

  1. Yep, and that is why the local shops do the boms — to get you to come in to the store and hopefully buy something. I’m trying hard not to buy but I wasn’t particularly good this month. Sigh.

  2. I’d say the local quilt shops are good marketters…the ole draw you in and tempt you until you can’t stand it… One of my area quilt shops even gets you in with Bunko; winner takes home FQs!

  3. Just went over to Stash Manicure to see the rest about your rugs — they’re very pretty! And I love the idea of keeping one in the kitchen to work on while you’re waiting for other things.

  4. I’m so thankful for the quilt alongs and mystery quilts posted on the Internet. My LQS pretty much stopped all their BOM’s and classes in 2009. Thanks for sharing the quilt along sites. Great rugs!

  5. I just finished my Hazel Ilene top (will post on Tuesday). And the Thread Head quilt along is coming together. You could still do Hazel Ilene. Just because it took all of us 11 months doesn’t mean it would HAVE to take 11 months. Hazel Ilene was the first quiltalong I ever tried and I have done three since then and enjoyed them all. In some ways I like them more than a BOM because you choose your own fabric and I like that freedom, but if you don’t and you want a reliable and predictable outcome, BOM’s are perfect for you.

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