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Today I had thought to stay home and sew.  I ended up in town instead.  We’re expecting lots of snow here starting tomorrow and moving into Monday night.  If it goes as scheduled we’ll likely not have school the Monday or Tuesday.  Estimates go anywhere from 5-12 inches.  Everyone says something slightly different.  Who knows?  It’s Iowa…One day we’re in a tornado watch (that really did happen last week) and the next week we are in a snow storm.

Anyway…It was groceries and fabric shopping for me today.  I’ll tell you more about the fabric shopping in another post.

At the grocery store I saw Chorizo (a Mexican sausage that Kalissa loves).  Every time we go to a Mexican restaurant she orders something with it in the entree’.  I had never seen it at the grocery store before so I picked one up and on the way home brought it to her.  I’m not much for birthday or Christmas gifts but if I see something I know the kids would like, I get it.  I do little things year around.  I think that’s more meaningful-even if it’s only little things like chorizo.

Anyway…once at Kalissa’s I stayed a bit.  What can I say?  I love hanging with her and Carver and also love helping her when I can.  She and Craig are so good to Hubby and I when we need help.  That had me sorting and doing some Lularoe things with her.

Kalissa is having a sale tomorrow night and my blog reader and friend Connie is hosting it!  (More info here)  We were busy pulling items for a clearance sale and putting outfits together.  Carver has to hang out with us while we’re working and as we were working we’d stop and play.  Here I am waving a shirt over his head.  He’d laugh and laugh at the breeze the shirt gave as it flew through the air.


Then is was time to photograph.  That happens in the basement…so Carver went to the basement.  It’s so nice that he’s getting a little older.  It makes things just a bit easier.  He LOVES a bouncer but hasn’t figured out how to get it to turn yet.


Then we were back upstairs.  Check out our three generation photo. 

That’s about when Craig came in and told us to come check out the garage project that they are doing.

When Craig and Kalissa bought the house one of the things they loved was the detached two stall garage behind the house.  None of us realized there wasn’t a drain in the garage.  So all winter they pull into the garage with wet cars- water melts-and then water sits on the cement with no where fro the water to drain to.  It’s annoying and worse yet the garage starts to stink from stagnant water.  They’ve wanted to do something about it but didn’t really know what to do.

Well one day their neighbor Mike came over and they told him that it was annoying.  Well Mike is super nice and Mr. Fix-it.  A week or so later he called and said he was coming over and that they were going to fix it.  Craig was surprised.  He didn’t expect Mike to help him….and Mike more of less invited himself to help.  All of that is a good thing as we weren’t sure where to start and didn’t have the equipment to cut the cement.  Mike knows what he’s doing!

We’ve been so confused.  This garage is new construction-only 5 or so years old.  Why didn’t they put a drain in it when they build it?  Or windows for that matter…there aren’t even window in the door or garage doors.  There is no natural light that comes into the garage.  It’s a nice garage but needs some practical updates.

Anyway…Craig was showing off what they’ve gotten done so far.  The area for the drain has been cut.  Now they have to cement part of it in to hold the grates.


Then these grates will go on top.  Mike has made the job seem easy!!

Before long, they’ll be done.

So far, for me, it’s been a great Saturday.

My errand are done.  I got to hang out with Kalissa and Carver.  I got to feel helpful.  Best of all, I got to see kind people in action acting neighborly and helping each other.  I’ve made a commitment to work and look to see more goodness in the world.  Mike’s offer to help was a great example….and if I get a a couple more things done around the house, I think I’ll be able to squeeze in some time in the sewing room.  That’s a perfect day in my world.

7 thoughts on “My Day…”

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    In the three generation photo, Kalissa and Carver look like twins!

    How wonderful for the young couple to have Mike for a neighbor. May his tribe increase.

  2. Enjoyed this post and the kids having great neighbors is a gift. Looking forward to the LulaRoe shop being open. Carver is getting big and what a cute smile he has and yes the picture of 3 generations is my favorite also.

  3. We don’t have a drain in our detached garage. I just sweep it out with a push broom several times a week. Kalissa and Craig have a very nice neighbor to implement this project.

  4. I looked on line and saw that you have snow falling right now and it is expected to last till tomorrow afternoon I think. So please stay warm and safe and get some sewing or need work done I guess. Best wishs from the west coast of Canada where it is raining.

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