My Daughter…Yep, you Kelli!

As a mom, I find that sometimes the best way to get my kids to do something is to call attention to it publicly…I used to just do it around extended family or friends, but now that I have this blog, I can be dangerous.

Way back on November 13, 2011, I quilted this quilt for Kelli.


I promised we’d do a little tutorial on it’s construction for you all once Kelli got it bound.  Well if you read my blog, you know that Kelli is not slacker.  She works hard and works furious, but for some reason, she hasn’t bound the quilt yet.

Kelli…I think it’s time!!

Come on readers…leave a comment and cheer Kelli on to get a finished quilt!!

37 thoughts on “My Daughter…Yep, you Kelli!”

  1. in Kelli’s defense binding a quilt is not the funnest thing in the world – I would suggest getting some good dvd’s or netflix and plowing through it . That said – I have been known to post homework and chore reminders to my daughter on facebook – that seems to motivate her well – LOL!

  2. Too pretty a quilt to be left unbound and neglected. It needs to be finished and proudly displayed. If you don’t want it let me give you my address……(lol)

  3. Come on Kelli… You can do it! Just break it down into steps. You know what they say about elephants…. One bite at a time. Or you could make a game of it. See if you can guess how long each step will take you and if you get it right reward yourself or just shout out, “Popcorn, we need popcorn here”…

    Step 1 – Pick out the binding fabric.
    Step 2 – Figure out the length of binding needed and cut away.
    Step 3 – Sew any end pieces together to make one long binding strip.
    Step 4 – Fold the binding strip in half and press.
    Step 5 – Sew binding strip to quilt.
    Step 6 – Fold binding over and pin
    Step 7 – Sew bind down by hand or machine
    Step 8 – CELEBRATE with Ice Cream!!!!

  4. definitely a beautiful quilt, and it looks like an easy one to make as well. looking forward to the fabric requirements, at least.

  5. Jo Anne Schnebly

    Oh, Kelly, you can do it. Do it all my machine and have it done in less than 3 hours. Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon project for today, right? Just think of how many quilters are out here waiting patiently for another great Jo & Kelly quilt tutorial!!!

  6. Kelli, if you get the quilt bound and tutorial posted, I promise to make one of these beautiful star quilts. It’s just the project I’ve been looking for. Get a wiggle on it! :)

  7. Kelli, since I also have sliced my finger like you did …… I totally understand the the procrastination about binding. I won’t give you any grief here. I can be patient!

  8. Is that a red and green quilt, a Christmas quilt? Good Luck! You have plenty of time to finish it.
    I have a Christmas tablecloth laying on my spare room bed right now. Only the center section is done. (I had to do it twice, being an oval.) I still have to figure out how to cut the pie wedges out of the 19 chosen fabrics that go around it. They aren’t the same size, and some of them have two fabrics in the wedge.
    I promised this tablecloth to my daughter last November…

  9. You CAN do it! I love binding, wish I was closer and I would do it for you, but the 6 hours each way is a little too much for me :). So come in Kelli, You CAN DO IT! Deb

  10. We would love a tutorial on this beautiful quilt. I like sewing on binding, so you could always send it to me. Problem is … I may not send it back.

  11. This quilt is gorgeous and it has waited a long time to be finished. Hope Kelli has some time soon to get started on it, it would be beautiful on her bed or the back of a couch! I would offer to bind it for her, but like has been said, it may not find it’s way back!

  12. It’s a beautiful quilt – I am looking forward to the tutorial! Please Kelli….. get the binding on……. I am waiting! Actually, binding is one of my favorite parts of quilting. Send it over to me, i’ll finish it! :)

  13. Hi Kelli. Don’t let yor Mom and her blog friends bully you around. Be clever and remind Mum of her unfinished things. Go way back and take her by surprise with a 5-year old argument. While she is still reeling, go start a brand new project!

  14. I look forward to seeing th quilt bound……you can do this Kelli! Need the tutorial, love that red! It is a beautiful quilt. You will stay warm under the quilt, while you are binding it, if you bind by hand.

  15. Is it done yet? Just kidding, I love to sew on bindings, it’s the labels and mailing part that takes me forever to get done.

  16. Kelli, I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas can slow you down, and let’s not forget the extra candy at Valentine’s day, but now the time has come and you can do it!

  17. Hi Kelli, I sure hope you get the urge to work on it soon. I’m really looking forward to the tutorial, it’s a beautiful quilt.

  18. Come on, Kelli. If we don’t get the tute soon, I’ll have to figure it out myself and that is never good. I always make it harder than it should be. It is a beautiful quilt. But I have to say, I understand. I hate doing bindings. But just remember that great binding tutorial your Mom posted last week.. by machine. You can do it..

  19. Wow..this quilt would be right up there on my “To Do” list….if I was shown how to do it!!
    GO KELLY..binding the quilt is the best part..cause it means you can cuddle under it as you stitch!!

  20. Jo, this is a beautiful quilt! Is it a Bonnie pattern? Or one of your own? I really like it, especially the way it is set on point. If she hasn’t done it yet, I have a beautiful dark green and I’ll bind it with that and give it a good home! LOL!

  21. Jo, I love this quilt the colors are yummy and the design is perfect. Awe Kelli your going to love this when it’s done and wonder why you didn’t finish it sooner. Good luck and happy quilting.

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