My Date with the Boys….

Over the weekend, I got very little sewing done.  Mostly, work.  UGH!  I did however have an unplanned “date” with the boys…so to speak.

These “boys” (actually steers) live here on the farm in a BIG shed.  Typically they stay in their pen day in and day out…except for weekly pen cleaning and a few trips through the cattle shoot for vaccinations,  they are pretty much restricted to their pen.


Well Saturday night, they escaped.  We aren’t sure when….we know how (a faulty gate)…but they were discovered Sunday morning bright and early, roaming around our yard.  Hubby frantically called the house phone, waking us all and in a matter of minutes we were out trying to get them corralled again.  100 big boys, a mile or so of running, and a half hour later, all were back in their pen.  It wasn’t what I had in mind for a date….but at least it ended well.

They did roam up right next to the house….yes in the newly seeded lawn.  Our farm dog, Pepper, never barked…at least not that we heard.  The cattle got to the back of the house and turned on the newly installed motion light.  It just makes me wonder what all is happening outside while I am sleeping.

Hopefully my next date with a “boy”, won’t be with this boy…


and will instead be with my hubby.  That will be awhile away, it’s harvest season here on the farm and trust me, no dates are happening while there are corn and beans that needs harvesting.  oh, farming………..

14 thoughts on “My Date with the Boys….”

  1. Oh! This brings back memories!! We only had a few milk cows when I was growing up, but when they got out, they managed to roam all over the world! LOL We’d have neighbors call and say, “Come get your cows!” and off we’d go. A little better than herding cats, but only marginally! :-D Ol’ Robert Frost should have said “GOOD fences make good neighbors!” :-D Makes you think about Leather quilts, huh…. ? :-P
    Mary Lou

  2. I once had a date with a cow. Seven in the morning in my night gown I’m chasing the dang feeder calf over 5 acres. Fun times.

  3. Jo, after reading your Quiltville Chat comment I was lured into seeing your blog. I’m a Quiltville Chat Member as well as Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday and Stash Reporter. I really enjoyed your blog post. Glad your Boys are back where they should be. I’m excited to learn about the Crab Apple and Cotton Candy Squares patterns both using 1.5″ strips. I’ve been looking for a couple of patterns to use up my ever increasing stash in this size. Love your quilting. Sandi

  4. When you say, “It just makes me wonder what all is happening outside while I am sleeping.” It makes me think of the “Barnyard” movie or “FarSide” cartoons where the animals are up on two hooves walking around when we aren’t watching! It does make you wonder!

  5. You brought back some crazy memories. We had a pony that could slide any gate open. She would let out the few beef cattle we raised. And she would sit pretty as you please, right inside the fencing…. ” Look I am good, cows bad.”

    Nice thing about poultry..they come home to roost at night. Less chasing!


  6. Unfortunetly, I too have had some of those dates and they usually happen when no one else is home. I have mentioned to my husband and sons on more than one occasion that they are lucky I did not have a gun in my hands when the livestock decided to go through the fence. Especially when the beef have decided the sweet corn patch looks mighty tasty.

    Still the best place on earth is a working farm, lots of “togetherness” projects.

  7. Really, I always wanted to live on a farm. When I was about 5 or 6, we took a trip to Ohio and I saw my 1st Amish person. I told my Mom I want to be like that. I am 47 and still wish I was an Amish farmer.

  8. Thank goodness Marky wasn’t there. After Rog was kicked in the face the last time he visited he won’t believe me when I say that cows just eat, poop and moo so there is no reason to be afraid. Hmmm….wonder why he doesn’t believe me!?!

  9. lol! Fun times-we’ve been there. Cattle can be sooo stubborn too. I hear you about harvest-we’re less than a hundred acres away from being DONE! yay!

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