My Cupboard

When we were at an auction a couple weeks ago, they had a cupboard-well actually a homemade wardrobe- on it.

I was intrigued by it but the cupboard was sitting on a side hill which didn’t allow for the doors to open.  I had an eye on it but didn’t expect to get as it.  It was my item that I thought if it went really-really cheap I’d buy.   Typically for me, those things go for astronomical prices and I end up laughing at myself to think that I’d even win them with my measly bids.

I had no idea where I would put it so I wasn’t excited about spending a lot of money for it.  It needs some paint and clean up too.

The auctioneers came to it and tilted it so the doors could be opened to reveal this.

I didn’t hate that it was a wardrobe and not a cupboard as Hubby could revamp it if I wanted it to be a cupboard but the paneling in the back…YUCK!

The auctioneers started it out at $10.  WOW…that was cheap.  It climbed and climbed but it was a slow climb.  Once it hit $75 I decided one more bid and done.  I said $80 and it was mine.  Hubby looked at me with that “really?!?!?” look.  I hadn’t really said I was interested in it earlier.  I just knew that if I didn’t want it, I could get that much out of it at a flea market.

I know years ago when we lived in houses without closets, I would have been in heaven with this.  It is super heavy as it was hand made from old doors.  Hubby is thinking about putting some tongue and groove boards where the paneling is.  I still am not completely sure where I am going to put it.  Part of me wants to just turn it a fraction and leave it in the garage for Hubby’s barn coats.  Part of me wants it in the laundry room with shelves for storage.  Either way..I think it might be with me for awhile.

Today I am hooking up with the Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thursday post.

6 thoughts on “My Cupboard”

  1. Very nice piece. Might not be an antique but lots of possibilties. I love the doors that look like they bi-fold.

  2. I remember when we moved into the house we are i now – my oldest had her own room (originally a computer room) and we had to buy a wardrobe for her – I think she would have liked this one too!

  3. I’ll bet you could pry off that paneling, paint it white and nail it back on – it would look better at least!! If you don’t need a place to hang dried clothes on in your laundry room, perhaps some shelves to make storage for your sewing room? It sure is a neat albeit pricey cabinet!!

  4. I’ve got that same paneling on half the walls in my house and I absolutely refuse to tear it out. :-) But bead board would look nicer in your cupboard. Have fun with it!

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