My Cupboard..the newest one.

This house remodel is taking too long.  It’s giving us plenty of time to change our minds..find things we like better…give up on some things…and reinvent the wheel.

There is how the kitchen has progressed so far.

We bought this set of upper cupboards.
We almost bought this cupboard.
We changed plans to use a butcher block and cupboard we built to create an island.  (read about that here)
We decided on counter tops.

Here is the most recent drawing from the cupboard guys.

Remember the portion of the cupboards on the left of the refrigerator were going to be over $3500….and we found this cupboard for $200 planning on refinishing it and putting it there instead?  (blog post about that here)

Well we are still refinishing that cupboard.  But.  It is not going to go there.  That cupboard is not going on the flat side of the wall to the right…that built in that is on the back wall to the right is probably not going to be there anymore either.  Are you still with me or as confused as we seem to be??


We bought a different cupboard.

This cupboard has a story…it’s a story that I have changed the names and places to protect the guilty…it’s a good story.  Here goes.

Hubby and I entered a business in a neighboring town I’ll call Green Acres (no such town around here exists).  I called Hubby over because in the store was a wonderful antique cupboard.  I loved it.  This was back in March before we bought the cupboard we are refinishing.  Hubby went to the owner and asked the price on the antique cupboard.

We were told it is a family pieces from his wife’s side of the family and not for sale.  This confused us a bit…if you loved it, why didn’t you keep it in your house?  We asked if he would ask his wife if she’d be willing to part with it.

The next day Hubby called and no his wife wanted to keep it.  SHUCKS.

A month or so later Hubby drove through the town again.  He stopped the owner asked if he could help Hubby and Hubby said he still wanted to buy the cupboard.  Was it for sale yet.  Again the owner said no-it was a family piece belonging to a grandpa.

Hubby continued to talk about the cupboard and how much he liked it.  I like it a lot too but not for sale was not for sale.

Then two weeks ago -without me really knowing- on an errand for something we needed for the new house Hubby stopped at the store.  Again the owner asked if he could help Hubby and Hubby said he still wanted to buy the cupboard.  Was it for sale yet.  Again the owner said no-it was a family piece belonging to a grandpa. Hubby said I have $1200 cash.  My wife will bring it today.

The owner whipped out his cell phone, called his wife and we bought it.  Hubby called me.  I was in shock.  I went to the bank, got the money, drove there and paid for it.  Hubby was just beaming!!

We were told we can never tell where we got it…or who sold to us.  The lady was worried she’d get in trouble with her family.

So I am guessing you’re all wondering what it actually looks like and why Hubby was so insistent in wanting it.  Here it is.

I left the wrap on it for now…Each of the ends have potato bins.  I love the little drawers.

I love it.  Hubby loves it.  It was a premium price to pay for it but I’m okay with that.  It still is MUCH cheaper than the over $3500 custom built cupboard that was suppose to go in that spot.

Friends stopped over and we showed it to them.  They had something vaguely similar to this in an old farm house they once lived in.  They cautioned us that our plates likely wouldn’t fit in the top…that’s okay.  This cupboard isn’t anywhere near the sink or dishwasher so the plates won’t be stored there.

Remember we want a very vintage kitchen….this is a good piece for it.  We have to do some cleaning and sprucing up to it but we can’t wait to see it in our kitchen.  The grandpa who owner it had it in the garage for several years so there’s a few paint splotches and oil stains.  Even if we do nothing with them we still love it.  In our opinion, it’s perfect for us!

Now hopefully we’ll get workers at the house again soon so we won’t be tempted to change our minds yet again…I do have to say though… This cupboard will be staying.

15 thoughts on “My Cupboard..the newest one.”

  1. I really like the cubbard you got from the grandfather. It’s a real beauty. I like the one that you got that was painted while. That’s a great piece too & am looking forward to seeing it redone.

  2. WOW! makes one wonder if he should have offered less, or was it just right? I
    m betting it was JUST right. And yes your plates won’t fit there. unless you have antique plates. but there is a lot of space to put other things.

  3. Sometimes it does pay to keep asking – that cupboard is a beauty and worth every penny. It will add so much to your vintage kitchen and I’m sure Grandpa is happy that a new family will love and enjoy it! what a great find.

  4. Drooling over that gorgeous cupboard. And you were thinking the same thing that occurred to me “why have it in the store if not for sale”. Obviously just need it persistence and the right price, and your hubby had both.

  5. Love the cupboard too!! I’ve never seen anything like it !! The cupboard has a wooden counter top, did you look into the cost of finished wood for the rest of the kitchen ??

  6. Oh my goodness, that is one more beautiful cupboard, I am jealous. NOT, so happy you got it and I know you will so happy when you get it in your new home

  7. It is lovely and I know you will enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing pics of the cupboard in its new home.

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