My Crumb Star Baby Quilt

When I was busy making my Crumb Geese, I got inspired to play some more.  I ended up with these nine blocks.

All of these blocks were made with fabric that was given to me.  All those little scraps and pieces my blog readers have sent me are a little closer to being a quilts.  I just love bits and pieces and am SO thankful to all of you who have sent scraps to me.

Do you recognize a fabric in the mix?

I know they are destine to be a baby quilt but I am not sure how I am going to lay them out or what I am going to do with them from here.  Any suggestions??

My friend Michelle, from Michelle’s Romantic Tangle,  is hosting a baby quilt linky party.  If you’re interested in seeing other baby quilts in progress, follow this link…if you have a baby quilt you’re working on, link up!  It sounds like fun.

7 thoughts on “My Crumb Star Baby Quilt”

  1. If you have enough of the background that as sashing with star posts in unis (blues and/or reds) would be nice. And then a Sawtooth border.

  2. another idea would be to set the stars on point, make some more string triangles and set them in a Goose Chase for the alternate blocks, with the yellow as the geese. Then for the outside setting triangles, make string Delectible Mountains and/or Bear’s Paw blocks with the yellow as the sky and the bear’s claws. Like you’ve said, there’s no end to what a quilter can do with strings.

  3. The stars are wonderful! Three sashing strips, that create 9 patch corner stones. Hope Ruby is feeling better today.

  4. I’d vote for sashing/borders that are made of pieced black & white checkerboard, like Bonnie did. I read somewhere that both bright colors as well as black & white contrasts are attractive to infants. So all those decades of pastels in baby quilts are misguided.

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