My Crumb Quilt So Far…

I thought I would give you a little preview of my crumb quilt.  So far, I am loving this quilt.  I especially love that it is made with all recycled fabric.  Feel free to join in the fun and crumb along…it’s not too late.  Here’s a link to get you started.

Please note that everyone who is doing the crumb along will have a different looking quilt.  I just wanted to give you a visual so you can start making some decisions on your own quilt.


Mine is going to be a baby quilt with the alphabet around the outside edge.  In the center will be 42 blocks set in a 6 x 7 setting.  When I initially decided to make this I thought I would make 36 blocks for the center in a 6×6 setting.  After laying things out, I can see the alphabet looks best with the larger setting.  I am in the process of making more blocks to put in the blank spots.

I am planning a narrow 2″ or 2.5″ solid red (maybe the polka dot) inner border which will go between the blocks and the alphabet.

If you have more than 10 blocks made, I suggest laying the blocks out.  Ask yourself a few questions….
-Is there an even balance of color?
-What blocks do you want to make multiples of?
-Is there enough of the constant color? Does it “POP”?
-Will there be words in the border?  If so, how many words will there be?
-After the words are made, approximately how many more blocks will be needed?

I prefer to make blocks that have a pattern to them rather than scrappy crumb blocks, so I am not making many “regular” crumb blocks.  In the original quilt I altered, with a “regular” crumb block and a patterned block.  Look, you can see them alternating in the setting on the original.  Is that something you want to do with yours?


There are lots of decisions to make as you go…I just thought you might want to start thinking about some of those things.

Stop back tomorrow.  The next installment is nine patch and four patch blocks.

If you are planning on making letters or words, you might want Tonya’s book Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter (That Patchwork Place).

I am having LOTS of fun checking out what you all are making.  To see what project others are working on, check out Patchwork Times and Homestead Revival.

13 thoughts on “My Crumb Quilt So Far…”

  1. The quilt is looking excellent! Very ballanced and the letters around the outside are a great idea. I threw mine up on the wall yeterday as well to see how it is coming as a whole and I can see there are things I need to work on. I will post it over at DWM when Judy has the post up this morning.

  2. This quilt is great, Mom! It is so artistic! I may join the crumb-along afterall. It will be nice to have a creative streak for just a few hours each day. This quilt will be so cozy for a baby because all of those seam allowances make it so heavy.
    My fabric collection doesn’t have too many “crumbs” but I know where to go for more! :)

  3. This is turning out great! I have to admit, I don’t have many crumbs. I’ve never really saved them! I started out sewing clothes, so there wasn’t any need to save all the small scraps, and I just never got in the habit. Since seeing these quilts, tho, I’ve started my crumb collection. :)

  4. Donna /54DonnaP(Flickr)

    Posted a few more pics. It’s taking some time because of work ;-) For some reason, I get started on a certain color for the middle of my crumb block and I end up designing it with similar colors. My hearts, stars, and flying geese ended up that way. Hopefully my four and nine patch will be really scrappy! I’m really enjoying myself!

  5. fantastic. love the shirting fabrics and the awesome letters and the blocks. i’ve realized that I dislike the random piecing of crumb blocks – I do much better if I imagine a block or pattern to sort of make…

  6. I am thinking I am going to do words, trying to decided if I am going to sew 1″ strips together for the letter fabric and to the letters Tonya style or do a raw-edge applique. I have added applique to a few of my blocks and like the effect.
    Here’s my phrase- CRUMB ALONG 2011, Addiction or Way of Life?

    I have also been jotting down easy 4 & 9-patch blocks to make from scraps. I did some bow-ties today and like how they turn out wonky. cw

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