My Cross Stitch Goodies

I ended up splitting my cross stitch and my purchases into two different posts. I’ve been trying to manage the blog a little better. We’ve had to make a few tweaks which include me not posting quite as many photos in one post. UGH. Thus the two posts…

Here goes on what I purchased.

First off when I walked in the door, Liz handed me the newest stitch along. She said that many of you were stitching along and I’m so excited. There is still time to get your kit. I’ve said it before and will say it again if you are thinking about trying cross stitch for the first time or returning to cross stitch, this is the perfect project. There are only five colors so it’s not super expensive and the pattern is pretty straightforward. The counting isn’t very hard either. For you regular cross stitchers, again, this isn’t a hard project so if you want to try moving from Aida fabric to linen or try moving up a count, this is the perfect project to try that on.

If you are completely new, I recommend 14 count Aida cloth.

There is plenty of time to still buy a kit. The official start date (not that we’re picky at all) is April 15th. You can find the place to order HERE.

This was one of my top Market picks. I know it’s not a monumental piece but it’s so cute. I have very few spring items that are cross-stitch related for my dough bowls so I was pretty focused on that when I was making my picks. I plan to stitch this one as soon as I finish the Spring version of Seasons on the Heart. That’s why I bought the floss. There is more floss needed but a few of those I thought I might already have so I didn’t buy them. This one is called Spring Awakens by With They Needle and Thread.

The next pick was this one…It’s With They Needle and Thread as well. This is Home Sweet Home. There are two other charts that go with this…a Thanksgiving/Fall version and a Winter version. I have the Fall one stitched. I mounted it on a box that looks like a book that I got at Goodwill. I plan to stitch this one right away …well as soon as I finish another piece. I picked up a couple of threads I guessed that I didn’t have. I like this one as it could be out through the summer too.

I got the Nashville Needlework Cookbook. They put on out every year. Designers contribute a recipe or a small cross stitch design. I mainly bought it because Blackbird Designs has a small chart in it. I stitched the one they did last year and I want to stitch the one in this year’s book too.

I bought the Spring Chickens Pinkeep. I should have read the back of the chart before I bought this as it is MUCH larger than I thought. It is over 9 x 9 inches. I thought it was about 5 x 5. It might have to be something that I would frame.

About then I looked up from the glow of market and realized rather than buy more market things, I should probably stop and consider if there were any things I wanted that were out before market.

That’s when I remembered this With Thy Needle and Thread piece Mrs. Bunn E. Tail. It’s a cute little rabbit piece that would be a quick stitch and perfect for a dough bowl. I think it would go so cute with the rabbit piece I showed you earlier as they both have similar little robins on them.

I picked up yet another Brenda Gervais of With They Needle and Thread piece. I got this Summer Schoolhouse piece.

A bit ago Connie from Country Threads gifted me the R-V chart which is the third in the four-part series. Well after reading the chart when she gave it to me I realized it is meant to be stitched over one linen thread on 28 count. Hmm. I had never done that before and still haven’t. I’m a tad bit nervous about it…but not so nervous that I didn’t buy the threads for it.

When I was at the Stitchery Nook, I decided to get the first one in the chart. I decided that if I tried it and hated it, at least I would have chart #1 done…and not chart number three done. Hopefully, that makes sense. I also bought the called for 28 count mushroom lugana for stitching. I’m hoping I can get brave and give this a try.

I talked with Sherry and told her I felt a little nervous about it. That’s when she showed me this light and said she liked it. I normally don’t stitch with a Qsnap so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. I ended up not getting the light but I’m VERY tempted. Kelli wants to try to go to the Stitchery Nook in a couple of weeks. We’ll see. I might break down and buy the lamp then. In the meantime, I think I might try this to just see if I actually need the light and magnifier. Maybe the potential to go and pick up the lamp might push me to start this and see if I even need the lamp.

You might remember I showed this in the review of the shop…

That tiny long narrow pillow totally caught my eye. I already have the book and planned at one point to stitch it. Well, Liz had little kits there that were only $10. All the fabric and needed threads were in the kit along with backing fabric. I decided to buy one. I really want to stitch it so I have it ready for Fall display. I’d also like to get the drum stitched too.

The last purchase was Faith of the Heart…again by With Thy Needle and Thread. I almost feel like a walking advertisement for her. But…I love so many of the charts she designs. This one was no different. I saw someone stitching this on Flosstube and then when I saw it in the store, I had to have it. I really like it a lot. I love the saying SO MUCH!!

The last thing that I bought was some wool pieces and some trim for finishing cross-stitching pieces. I don’t have any of the crinkly ribbon and was happy to add it to my stash.

Well, I didn’t buy out the shop. There is plenty there for you all to order most anything you’d want.

I have a few things on my list that I’d like to get yet…
I didn’t buy the new Blackbird Designs patriotic book. I also didn’t buy the rest of the Stacy Nash charts. I love every one of her market releases. I’m kind of on a kick to stitch some small things and Stacy Nash does small pincushions like no other. They are just amazing!! I think she had about five other market things that I really want to stitch…but I held back. I told myself as I finish a few of the things I bought, I can treat myself to some other charts…We’ll see. Temptation is so hard!!

If you saw anything that you’d like, I’m sure the gals at Stitchery Nook can set you up. You can find their website HERE. I just love market season!

12 thoughts on “My Cross Stitch Goodies”

  1. Be sure to check your pattern for the Spring Chickens. Mine and several others are blurry. Especially in the border. Stacy Nash is going to reprint them.

  2. I commented on one of your blog posts about your In the Garden sampler. I just watched your Flosstube #7 and saw where you have a download charted. Where can I find it. I have always loved that song and love the way your is coming along. Thanks for your Flosstube and your blog I really enjoy them!

      1. Jo so enjoyed your post of all the goodies. I wish that I had a place to shop like that. I was surprised to see you hesitation to 28ct linen, don’t you always use a 40ct? I haven’t tried anything smaller than 28ct. Do you think the smaller count is easier? I’ve never seen or tried anything other than 28. Many thanks, Pamela A/PA

        1. Pamela, that’s exactly what I thought. Over 1 on 28 count? That is nothing to be afraid of when she’s used to 40 count. Like you, 28 count was my go-to size.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I am envious of your cross stitch shop runs! Our closest shop is nearly 3 hours away, and I am not sure if they stock enough to make the drive worth that. None of my girl friends stitch, so we cannot make it a fun day trip even.
    Anyway, I am interested to know more about the different brands of floss. DMC is readily available, and I have all of the colors. We are finally in the position that I can buy some of the Weeks or Colorwerks floss, and I see you buy both. Is there a difference? I have seen other brands advertised, too. I would love it if you could do a post about different threads.
    I do see that sometimes they list similar DMC colors, which helps me determine what colir floss I would be receiving. When I order my Valdani for my wool work, sonetimes the colors are not what I expected. Of course, the same can be said when ordering fabric. I believe in buying locally, but sometimes that is just not possible. When I buy online, I try to support the small shops first, as I hope they can stay afloat.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  4. Hi Jo. Thanks for your choices with photos. I like everything you selected! I have been participating in all of your SAL because they are great choices. Question, you had asked that I ask again about the Coming to America, The Women of the Mayflower Chart. Has your other reader who borrowed the chart to stitch, returned it? When they do, I would also like to borrow it as I cannot find the chart and I have 4 grandmothers who were on the Mayflower. Thank you!

  5. Hello Jo!!! I found you on YouTube!!! YOU are my FAVORITE to follow out of ANYONE else! Thank you for your wonderful spirit, personality, cheerfulness, happiness, I could go on and on! You and I are one year apart by one month, I’m the Senior! Lol!!!
    Anyway, I have gotten back into crosstitch!!! Hooray!!! I am better focus on it now! I made some beautiful Christmas ornaments for my girlfriend….finished January 7th! It’s okay! They were snowmen and she keeps them up ALL winter long! Perfect! I’m finishing the set for myself now! Yay! I LOVE the Spring Chickens! As you say you didn’t realize how large they are, I’m very happy you told us they are bigger! Wow! I never would have guessed that! Thank you dearly!
    I think I accidentally….and GOOD! Happened upon your blog thanks to Google!!! It just popped.up one day AS DID the Stitchery Nook, YOUR favorite store! Wow!!! I ended up there somehow? Lol! Google popped.up with THIS, YOUR blog when I opened a new tab today! I’m bookmarking it! Your blog is AS LOVELY as your YouTube channel! I’m so happy you have both!!
    I did enter and commented on the liberty pattern! I do love that one also! Your choices are wonderful! I will be copy-catting some of the pieces you’ve chosen to stitch!
    I’m certain you probably have a Facebook page! I’m RARELY in Facebook….but I WILL make the effort to go on there for your page!! I’ve gotta laugh! I don’t even follow my 2 grown adult and with families on Facebook! I’m THAT BAD! But I want to be in your stitchers community! Your excitement is contagious! I love it!! Thank you DEARLY!!! I so enjoy ALL you do on every platform!!! As well as things you learn such as Spring Chickens! Wow!! Surprising!
    And I WILL be purchasing items from your favorite shop! I’m in Michigan and used to have a few stores available but not so much anymore. I’m in Port Huron, home of Mary Maxim catalog. They used to have a retail store here but they closed it! Ughhhh!!! So sad! Shipping prices are INCREDIBLE! Ouch! And I live in the same zip code as they are located! So I’m moving on! At one time I did work for them! I made stitched items! Yes! Really cool and fun!!! Although it was hard to give them back as they were the model to be photographed! I had to purchase and restitution a design if I loved it. Once a year they used to sell the models! Yes! I never lucked out in buying what I made! Bummer! It would be gone! Bummer!! The HARD part? Stitching a design I did not like! Also, honestly, the pay for the hours invested was not worth my time, but I still enjoyed doing it. Well, now I need to budget to be able to purchase some of what you love as I love them also!
    Please DO keep vlogging and blogging! I really enjoy you! And thank you for doing it!! Enormous thanks!! And gratitude!!!

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