My Cleaning Lady…

Sadly, I don’t have a cleaning lady.  Oh, it would be so nice if I did!!  I do however have a cleaning daughter.  Well-that’s not exactly true.  Let me put it this way.  I have a daughter who is a poor college student.  When she needs money, she offers to work for me.  The thing I try so hard to get her to do is clean.

The shower had been badly neglected.  Partly because I hate cleaning…and partly, I’ve just never found a product that I like and believe works on with our rusty water.


After she tried an ammonia based cleaner and got stunk out of the laundry/shower room, Kalissa googled on the internet and came up with this recipe for a shower cleaner. She found something on Pinterest that said to mix 1/2 cup of warmed vinegar and 1/2 a cup of blue dawn dish soap. It was MUCH less stinky than the ammonia and it used common household ingredients. Before she sprayed it. She shook the bottle.  It sprayed on almost like foam. Some of the gunk melted off without even scrubbing.


After a bit of elbow grease, she had the shower shined up. A significant improvement from the before picture for sure! Well worth the money it took to hire a “cleaning daughter” for the day!

The picture doesn’t look as nice as it looks in person….I know we’ll be using this again.  Hopefully more regularly too!!

..and that’s the story of my cleaning lady.

13 thoughts on “My Cleaning Lady…”

  1. I use this cleaner on my shower too, and love it. I put the mixture in one of those dish scrubbers with the handle you fill with soap, so now I don’t even have to hunt down a sponge. I have found that it is important to shake (remix) the mixture before I use it again.

  2. I’ve also used this cleaner, I found it on Pintrest. It’s great, it works wonderfully. ;-> Please pet Ruby for me, Toni Anne

  3. If you want no elbow grease at all, try a product called Whink Rust Stain Remover. Not sure how environmentally friendly it is and you can’t make it out of household products, but there is not work, just squirt it on and wipe or rinse it off. I prefer no work to any work!

  4. I have been using this mixture for a couple of years. I keep a large spray bottle of it. I don’t warm the vinegar. It is nice to spray the shower and leave on 24 hrs. All the soap scum just washes off without a lot of scrubbing and it ends up so shiny clean!

  5. My go to is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That thing is amazing. It does eventually break apart and dissolve, as it’s supposed to, but it works great.

  6. My friend told me about this one and it works great – the only downfall I have is that my boys can’t stand the smell of it when I use it. Gotta time the spraying for when they’ll be outta the house for long enough.

  7. Jo ~ I found this website about 10 yrs ago and have used nothing since. I use the one under the bathroom section (Tub & Tile Cleaner recipe) for everything and it is amazing. Stains around my house which I had tried everything on just disappeared without hardly any elbow grease which was good since both my hands and wrists are significantly weaker after 2 surgeries on each hand.

    You used pretty much the same thing, except yours did not have the baking soda which is the secret on any hard stained areas in the tub. We have well water so it’s very hard and stains are a part of life with well water. This is amazing stuff and quick to mix up, plus so much better for you to use since you don’t HAVE to wear gloves because it is safe unlike ammonia.

  8. If you use a Magic Eraser to wipe this stuff off, you need even less elbow grease. The combination of the two is unbelievable!

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