My Christmas Present

This year I told Christmas present for Christmas present for me.  Instead we’d call the windows for the house our Christmas present.  Yesterday they arrived.


There are three large windows for the living room, dining room and office with smaller windows for the rest.  Oh, and this little one that goes  in the stair well.

We debated for a bit trying to decided if we want to spend an extra $900 to get the replacement windows to have the nice wood look trim.  Otherwise the windows would be white plastic.  We want to save money and do this remodel as thrifty as possible but we don’t want to skimp making the remodel look tacky.  It’s so hard to decide.  We finally went with the wood look and spent the extra $900.

We do have the white replacements in this house and they are fine with the painted woodwork.

At this point, I am really glad we did…ask me again when the final bills come in and we’ll see if I change my opinion.

There’s no word about when the carpenter’s will be around to put them in…hopefully before the end of the year.

10 thoughts on “My Christmas Present”

  1. The wood look will be great when they’re in! We put Parco windows in all our bedrooms 2 years ago and they look wonderful with nice oak trim and the function of the windows is great too. And they’re made 20 miles from my home!
    Nice Christmas gift. My husband said the only thing he didn’t like about them was that he couldn’t tell how cold it was outside-no frosty patterns forming on them!

  2. Beautiful windows! I’m glad you went with the wood as it be more comparable with the lovely woodwork in the house. It will be so much better to look at it and be glad you went with that option than have gone with the cheaper one and be stuck with something that isn’t as nice! Enjoying watching the progress on your house but glad it isn’t mine!

  3. Jo, you will not regret spending the extra money on your windows. Think of it as an investment, which is what your house is! My husband and I were thinking this very thing through almost 10 years ago, and I’m so glad we have the beautiful wood on the inside of our windows. They add beauty and value to your home.

  4. We do that – instead of a bunch of frilly stuff, we focus on something we both want – like a TV, or appliance, etc. It works wonderfully for us. Of course we are retired, no kids expecting heaps of boxes under the tree. We still have a beautiful tree and lighting, and fancy dinner – just the focal present is something we both want. :-)

  5. Oh that is a great idea! a couple yrs ago I bought new windows for our house, just the upstairs, BC DH would twice a yr climb a ladder to out the screens in or out, and the same w the storm windows…He still complains that they leak (i don’t hink so) but to save $$ he finished them, one of the 3 windows is still not finished on the inside. I wanted to do the downstairs windows too in the front of the house and he put his foot down…. he could justify doing the upstairs but not the downstairs! LOL still haven’t “found” someone to do our soffets!

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