My Christmas Cactus

Last year at this time we were DEEP into house remodeling.  I was fretting and waiting for the drywall guy to show up.  I was in a funk to say the least.

About then I got a comment from Mary over at Country Threads.  She said,  “Hang in there, Jo! You’re really close and it’s almost harder than when you couldn’t see any progress. You know I know what I’m talking about. Focus on Christmas 2015 – won’t it be wonderful?”

I took Mary’s advice to heart.   I tried to think about Christmas 2015 instead.  About that time I took yet another run to Home Depot.  They had a big display of Christmas plants…including this Christmas Cactus that was on the clearance rack.
I took him home and loved him the best I could….thinking about Christmas 2015.

Well now it is Christmas 2015 and  he looks like this….


He’s much bigger and looking pretty good….but most of all BLOOMING!!

I am so glad I was able to keep him alive and so glad Mary was there last year with a little bit of advice…look ahead.

I am enjoying Christmas 2015 but I am also looking ahead to Christmas 2016…this guy will need a new pot!!  Thanks Mary for the great advice!!  Christmas 2015 has been my favorite in YEARS!!

6 thoughts on “My Christmas Cactus”

  1. If you repot, don’t go more than 1″ bigger. It won’t bloom unless pot bound. Just get it out of the plastic one. Love Christmas cactus

  2. I bought a little one at a yard sale two years ago. He looked pitiful. I had always heard that they need so much light at different times of the year….blah, blah, blah. I tried to baby him along. Last Christmas, nothing, he looked so sad. A friend of mine told me to sit him outside during the summer and forget about him. So, I did. I brought him in this fall and started watering him and he gave me THREE beautiful blooms this year! I guess, he liked sitting outside and enjoying summer without me babying him!!!

  3. Christmas Cactus do best when ignored! I have one I gave to my Grandmother over 40 years ago. It is still in the same pot that it was in when I gave it to her (not plastic!). Every summer it goes outside on my screen porch, watered infrequently, and blooms like crazy every Christmas! I have even managed to produce a number of “baby” plants over the years. If a branch breaks off, just let it sit a couple of days, pot it in cactus medium, water a couple of time, and say “grow.” It takes a while to get much size, but it’s amazing that such a little work produces such a beautiful plant!

  4. Mary Etherington`

    I had no idea my comment had such an impact, Jo, but it’s so true. Remodeling is rough and the closer you get to being done the harder it is to be patient. Your house is wonderful and that little Christmas cactus is proof that if you endure, things will become beautiful! Merry Christmas to the Kramer household!

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