My Busy Thursday

Thursdays are my busy day at home. I don’t work that day and it tends to turn into an errand day. Being I can’t foster as much with the HEART Animal Rescue doesn’t mean I can’t help. I’ve told the coordinator that if you plan something for Thursdays, I can do the running. That’s what happened last Thursday. I was sent to pick up some pups.

I was to the Amish area by about 8:30 and hit the grocery store where they have bent and dent groceries. The items might have a ripped label or dented box and are priced cheaper than the regular grocery store. I often stop when I am in the area. I didn’t get a lot…mostly fruit snacks for when the grandkids come.

From there I was off to the farm with the pups. I was only picking up two. It was a mess to get them caught as they weren’t tame and not used to human contact. I was there quite awhile. The owner finally caught the white and tan one with a fish net. It was not good to see.

I was a little sad because these pups were part of a litter I had previously picked up back in January. There were originally 12 in the liter. Two died and we picked up eight of the pups. All were spayed and neutered, and given shots. They were adopted out right away.

The two pups I picked up this time were siblings to these. The farmer had held them back thinking he would be able to sell them. He didn’t…and now I was picking up pups that will be harder to adopt because they are older…and not socialized. UGH.

We’ll do our best to find homes for them but now they have an added need that they will need a home with a fenced yard because they are used to running free and are hard to catch.

I headed to the vet clinic with these guys so they could get their work done.

Then I ran home. I was getting company. Friends of mine, Gloria and Gaylen, were meeting a dog from HEART intending to adopt her. The foster person Paulette was bringing the dog and I was the meeting place.

I ran around cleaning when my dogs started barking. Someone was at my house. I wondered if the people were mixed up on time…nope. It was my friend Barb. She’s been doing some deep cleaning and I’ve been lucky enough to be her stopping off point. Her grandkids are just a little older than mine so she often brings goodies her grandkids are done with. It’s so appreciated.

We had a good visit. I love catching up with her. She’s so sweet as she makes a great effort to keep us in touch and I so appreciate it.

After a nice visit, she left and I was frantically cleaning again. I have 25 minutes before the next group of company…but they came early.

Paulette from the foster group was fostering Bailey. I had met Bailey and thought she was the sweetest. Here I am holding her. She stayed over one night with me and I took her to the vet clinic the next morning.

My friends Gloria and Gaylen love mini poodles and they had just lost their sweet Angel. If you read Mary, from Chicken Scratch Country Threads blog, you’ve likely heard about Angel. She was an old dog with lots of complications that the two of them dedicated their lives to. She had passed away just a few days before Bailey came to the rescue. I immediately thought of them and told them about Bailey. They said no. They weren’t ready for another dog.

Bailey was so content and gentle. I knew she was the perfect dog for them…but I wanted to be respectful of their grieving. Then a few days later Gloria contacted me. She asked about Bailey. Oh my word…I was in a tailspin. I called the coordinator praying Bailey didn’t have a home yet. Oh please…let her not have a home.

It turns out that Paulette the foster was thinking about keep Bailey. UGH. I told the coordinator all about Gloria and Gaylen and what good people they were. The coordinator ended up calling Paulette and once Paulette heard, she was on board to let Bailey go.

So they were meeting at my house which is in between Paulette’s and Gloria’s homes.

I couldn’t have been happier to take this picture. They is a love story at the very beginning. Gloria took one look at Bailey, now named Caitlyn, and started crying. She had me and Paulette crying too. Oh my word. What a great adoption story.

I’ve gotten many updates from Gloria. Caitlyn is living the good life now…she’s even out garage saling. HA!!

But back to my Thursday…after everyone left, I filled my bird feeders and then went to the vet clinic to pick up the pups. I had an errand to Decorah and could take the pups and drop them off at the coordinators house without having to go too far out of the way.

I got there got to meet some of the other new puppies…and then was back on the road to Decorah.

I stopped at the thrift store and Walmart hoping to make it quick as wanted to get home and get something done…but first I was going to grab food from the Taco truck. I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch. I called my daughter Kalissa. She’s been having a busy life and offered to bring them food. She wanted some and then said, “you can just drop if off when you come to watch the boys.” CRAP.

I had completely and totally forgot I was watching the boys. Kalissa had to work the overnight shift and Craid was farming.

Sure…yep. I would drop the food off then.

So I order the food, went to Goodwill while they were making it and came back just as it was done. I hurried home, let the dogs out and went to Kalissa’s. I hung out with the boys…Gannon snuck away…Carver stayed and took a picture.

Then Carver took my camera and took this crazy picture of himself…

Then Gannon wanted to take a picture of himself. I said he could if he’s pose for a nice pictures afterwards.

So I have this…

and this…those silly boys.

Anders was already asleep so I put these guys to bed and stitched.

Craig called me at 10 pm and asked if he could finish the field he was working. I said sure. He came home at 11:40 pm. I went home and straight to be after letting the dogs out. Oh my. What a long day.

Then I was up at 5:30 am to head to work…Thursday was a long busy day but a good day. I had some good thrift store finds including two amazing vintage frames and some fabric panels I’ll try to get them in the mail and send them to Pat. All in all, a very good day even though I was totally pooped. Just thinking about Gloria and Gaylen with Caitlyn still makes my heart happy.

7 thoughts on “My Busy Thursday”

  1. Oh my what a busy day! You are such a helper. So wonderful that Gloria got Bailey/Caitlyn. It sure looks like a perfect match. Jo, you do so good picking people for many of the dogs. So wonderful! It sounds like Craig had a very long day farming too.

  2. That is one busy day, you might have to go to work so you can rest, lol Wonderful to see Gloria with Caitlyn, a sweet match.

  3. Martha W in WY

    What a sweet story about Gloria, Gaylan, and Caitlyn. Those are the stories that make rescue work rewarding. It just warms my heart. You did have a busy “errand day.” I wonder how many miles you put on your van that day? I hope you do another thrifting post soon. I really enjoy them.

  4. Gloria from CC

    Caitlin is the sweetest, smartest toy poodle ever – a match made in heaven. She loves riding in our pickup – she lays down and falls asleep within minutes. She gives us lots of kisses and loves to be held. All the clothes that belonged to my toy poodle who has been gone for five years now, fit Caitlin (Pooh Bear weighed 5 lbs, Caitlin weighs 5.2 lbs). I saved all his tiny toys too and Caitlin loves to play with them. Thank you Jo for helping to make this happen.

  5. So happy with the adoption story – does my heart good to see people all in love at first site with their new friend.
    And what a day for you! So busy. And then to go to work the next day. Time for you to get some “me time and relax after everything you did for others!
    Love and prayers

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