My Bubbly Quilt is “Circling Quilt Market”

…finally.  I can tell the secret.  Well, TWO secrets….one part involves a giveaway.

My Bubbly quilt is at quilt market in Accuquilt’s booth!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you a quick easy project I am making for Christmas gifts using my Accuquilt Go! and my tumbler die.

Follow this link to hear the details and learn more about the giveaway.

57 thoughts on “My Bubbly Quilt is “Circling Quilt Market””

  1. FIRST??? I don’t want to be first!! First NEVER wins and I need to win…I LOVE circles and would love to win this. I don’t have a Go-Cutter YET! But I bet I could borrow my friends in order to cut some circles…
    My favorite die is the CIRCLE!! OF COURSE….

  2. If I had to choose just one it would be the circle die. I would love to make a circle quilt but do not want to cut them out by hand.

  3. I just love your quilt. What a great way to use scraps. Don’t enter me into the drawing. I don’t own an Accuquilt……..yet!!!

  4. Oh My Gosh! You have a quilt with Accuquilts booth.
    Oh what an honour. I love how you used up scraps. You know that accuquilt has so many dies to choose from. I would pick them all. But I sure would love to win the circle die.

  5. I love your quilt. I made a domino quilt in black and white using the circle die. So much fun and looks awesome.

  6. Lawrence Welk would love this. So do I! I’d love to have a circle die so I guess that is my favorite. Thanks for the chance.

  7. This is a die I want. Your quilt turned out absolutely adorable and rightfully should be on display at market in the Accuquilt booth! Congrats to you!!!

  8. I just got my go and my favorite right now is the rag square. I cut one entire lap size in a couple of hours and had most of sewn together in another few hours. The go is awesome

  9. I would love to give the circle die a go! I have my three favorites, the apple core, drunkards path, and rag die, so the circle looks like the next one I would want anyway!

  10. Since I love making wool penny rugs, I’m thinking that the circle cutter would be my favorite to win – it WILL cut wool, won’t it? Love your bubbly quilt!

  11. Please DO NOT enter me! I have a circle die, I just wanted to say congratulations! How exciting to have your work so publicly acknowledged, you must have been jumping out of your skin!
    The quilt really is pretty awesome.

  12. I don’t have a GO yet, but if I win, I’d go buy one as I haven’t been able to win one. I’d like the circle die—–think of all the wool pennies!!

  13. I just finished the crazy circle quilt and what a pain to cut out the 1/4 circles to make the quilt. What an amazing die that would have been to have. OR still have. I can’t believe I have waited this long to own my Accuquilt studio. I got laid off after 9 years at a local hospital and got a small severence package and got a studio cutter. WOW, when they say it cuts way down on the cutting time IT IS REALLY TRUE. I have cut out 4 quilts this week and have one of them done already. Would sure love to have the circle die……………Love your circle Die
    One of the lonely men in quilting…………..LOL

  14. I do love the circles, but also the Rose of Sharon, the Drunkards Path, the Hexagon…..well you get the idea…the list could go on and on and on and………

  15. Love the quilt!!! That is an awesome use of circles! Good job. And circles are so hard to cut out by hand, the Go! Cutter die is the way to go!

  16. Forgot to leave a comment on my favorite die… it would HAVE to be the Rose of Sharon die. I am so having fun with it. Circles are my second favorite.

  17. Congratulations Jo for having your quilt at the Accuquilt booth! I’d love to win the Circle Die-I want to make a quilt that looks just like YOURS!

  18. Congratulations on having your quilt at Market!! I love circle quilts. I cut out a couple circle quilts with one of those circle cutters you use with a rotary cutter but they were a bit wonky and hard to cut out.

    I love the circle die and also the apple core.

  19. Ohhhh, the circle die is at the top of my list because of this quilt! How fabulous to have your quilt on display at Market!!!

    Right now my favorite die is my newest, the round flower die.

  20. So far my favorite die is the rag die b/c I love rag quilts but hate all the snipping!

    Congratulations on having your wonderful quilt at Quilt Market! What a great honour :-D

  21. I love your bubbles quilt! I had been thinking of getting circles to do a quilt where I would stack the circles – kind of like rose of sharon, but I LOVE your idea!

    Hum favorite die? Maybe one of the flowers? Circles? Strip cutter because it makes cutting my bindings easier? Half Square Triangles? OH – I digress – do I have to pick just one favorite?

  22. I would love to win this die! It’s on my short list. Well, not-so-short list. I got the olfa circle cutter a while ago, but could never make it work. This would work like a charm!

    My favorite die? I’m guessing, but maybe the new smaller tumbler when it comes out. I love tumbler quilts, and have the larger one, but it’s almost too large.

    I love your quilt, and have bookmarked it before. I’d love to make it on my own!

  23. My favorite die so far has been my two rag dies, but after seeing your quilt, I would love to have the circle die. It would be awesome to win! I could do one in Christmas colors, and satin stich little hangers, and make it look like ornaments floating all over the quilt! I am pretty sure I could get it done before Christmas!

  24. Congrats to you Jo! The quilt is truly beautiful! I’m not an owner of an Accuquilt either but I just had to let you know how wonderful your quilt is! Keep up the great work;)
    Denise S

  25. your bubble quilt is very eye catching and colorful. I think a baby would have fun looking at it. My favorite die would be the parallelogram.

  26. My favorite die so far is the tumbler. I love,love,love the way it is so easy to match when sewing together. Love your videos; they are well done and so informative!

  27. Wow, you’re getting famous! Just remember the little peeps out here. Love the bubbles, looks like fun to make. I love the Hexagons as I’m getting tired of cutting them out. And if I won the die maybe my husband would think I really need to get the cutter.

  28. I love your Bubble Quilt and what a treat to have it displayed at Market!!! I’d love to be entered in your drawing. I don’t have a GO! yet but hope to soon. If my husband doesn’t come through at Christmas, I’ll treat myself to one in the New Year. :-)

  29. I love the circle and the tumbler. I don’t own the cutter yet, but I am asking for one for Christmas. I LOVE your Bubbly quilt! I would make one just like it for my 2 year old neice, she deserves one!

  30. I would love to win the circle die. Such possibilities with all those circles. The bubble quilt is so perfect for a child.

  31. I would love to win a circle die – I LOVE your bubbly quilt and am excited to see it in Houston! Aside from the circle, I’d love the Rose of Sharon die. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. I have just gotten my new GO cutter and haven’t played with it yet, so I don’t know which will be my favorite die. I did order the apple core die thinking to use up some scraps from the bin…cutting out curves with a rotary cutter seemed too long and hard hence the die…
    LOVE love love your bubbles quilt!!!! No wonder they wanted it for is lovely! I would love a circle die!
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  33. THIS would soooo make making circles easier…as a rotary cutter just DOES NOT do it well. I LOVE the circle friendly quilt. Bright, friendly, and entertaining. GR8 JOB !!!!!

  34. My fav. die is..well..hmm…doggone it…..thet are ALL my favorite.
    The guide and patterns help me with the “what do I do now” feelings when I open a new die. I have really enjoyed the double 5′ square as I can GO GO GO with that.

  35. the 2 1/2 inch strip die is my favorite so far, cannot wait to start working with my tumbler die. Would love a circle die though. Thanks for the chance to win one :)

  36. Congrats to you! What an honor. And it looks wonderful in the picture and I’m sure looks even better in person.
    My favorite die is the 5″-square. And would I ever love the circle die.

  37. Susan Blumenshein

    I think you should pick me because…I am sort of new to quilting but I have sewn for just over 50 years! I love strip quilting and even though I don’t have a Go cutter yet, all of my earnings from my craft show in a couple of weeks is going towards that. My sewing craft, I’m displaying, is wool and fleece circles made into scarves. I hand cut hundreds of circles with my arthritic hands and the circle cutter would have been a God send. I love your circle quilt!!! I just discovered you through Accuquilt and I am adding you to my favorites! (by the way, my maiden name is Kramer-originally from Idaho)

  38. I love your quilt!!! The circle die is first on my list, just to be able to make this quilt. Thanks to both you and Accuquilt!!

  39. LOVE this quilt! Congrats on having it shown (and fondled!) at Quilt Market!
    I think the tumbler (or hexagon!) would be my picks…thanks for a chance to win one!

  40. my favorite die so far is the tumbler but if I win the circle die that might be my new favorite . though I still want the dresden plate!

  41. I would love to win the circle die. I have been looking at it for a while now. I like your circle quilt.

  42. I would love to win the circle die. It is one that I don’t have and I haven’t been able to use my GO yet but the circle would be perfect.

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