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For our twentieth anniversary the kids and friend of ours threw a little party for us.  It was very unexpected and a day I’ll always remember.

A friend of mine gave me a gift to remember the day…a bracelet.


Immediately I loved the bracelet.  I’m not a big jewelry girl at all so saying that I loved it is almost shocking.  The bracelet was hand made and very eclectic.  It actually tells the story of Jesus’ birth and life…starting at the bottom near the clasp.

A star (Crystal Star) rose in the east and angels sang (angel) as shepherds (brown) watched their flocks.  They were led to a humble manger (wood) where Jesus, the King (purple) was born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph.  Three wise men (gold squares) from the East followed the star (star)and found the baby.  They brought gifts of gold (gold), frankincense (mulitcolor) and myrrh(topaz).  Jesus grew to be a carpenter (brown) spreading the Word of Turth to all who would listen.  He and his disciples became fishers of men (fish) but because of greed (blue) and envy (green), Jesus was nailed (gray) to the cross (cross) where He shed His bloodk (red) to pay for our sins (black).  He was buried in a tomb (sand) but on the third day, He rose from the grave victorious (pearl) and lives in all who trust in Him.  He is the Light of the World (hanging Crystal).

I wore the bracelet ALL the time.  If I was going to church, I wore it.  If I was going to teach classes, I wore it.  It was a bit of a almost guardian angel for me.  To be honest, I’ve likely worn it more than my wedding ring…(that’s how much I dislike jewelry, I don’t even wear my wedding ring)

Anyway…my bracelet broke.  The beads scattered EVERYWHERE.  I was on the floor and believe it or not crying over the bracelet…yep, the jewelry hater was actually crying over broken jewelry.  That bracelet really meant a lot to me.

Well I went to find the saying so I’d know how to put the bracelet back together but the saying was gone.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I started looking on the internet to find the saying but couldn’t all the other ones I found said something about disciples and there were 12 beads all the same together to represent them….well that wasn’t mine and I wanted mine if possible.

Kayla had some jewelry making supplies so I asked her if she might fix it.  She said she would try..but needed the verse to really know.

Fast forward a few years…Kayla never got to my bracelet and I never found the verse.  Then I vaguely remember the friend who gave it me saying that she also gave one to a mutual friend of ours.  I contacted that friend and -what a sweetie-  she still had her bracelet and still had the saying!!  She was coming into town the next day and she’d bring her bracelet by.

She did…I copied the verse and took the picture of the bracelet.  Ah…I was one step closer to getting my bracelet back.  I was so happy and very thankful that my friend still had her bracelet and was willing to share it with me.

Now I have contacted Kayla and she doesn’t know where the pieces to my original bracelet are….UGH.  She thinks she has them but doesn’t know where.  I’m hoping she can find them but if not, I’m making a new bracelet that will be a close replica.

So wish us luck and I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my bracelet.  Even though it’s been several  years since I had mine, I still feel a little lost when I’m going out and not wearing it….that’s saying a lot from a girl that doesn’t like jewelry.

4 thoughts on “My Bracelet”

  1. Love the bracelet and the saying that goes with it! I’ve never seen or heard of a bracelet like that. I hope Kayla can find the pieces for you and you get it put back together. Thank you so much for sharing the photo and the saying as I will know where to look when I’m ready to make one of these for myself!

  2. Does your friend still make these bracelets? I had never heard of them, but it’s beautiful. Hope Kayla finds the pieces!

  3. I loved reading this beautiful post today, Jo! Such a nice way to start my day! I do so hope that the pieces to your bracelet are found!

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