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I know I say this all the time, but it’s true.  I have the best blog readers.  Over the last month or so I’ve gotten several things in the mail….

From Ila, I got a dead blow hammer.  When I met with her when she was in Iowa I talked about how I liked to free motion machine quilt because I could stand at the front of the machine and see my quilt.  That way if I had a seam intersection that didn’t lay very flat, I could just run my stitching over that spot and get the excess fabric to lay down.  That’s when Ila told me as she irons the quilt top she uses a dead blow hammer to just pound the spot down.  The next thing I knew…Ila sent me a dead blow hammer.


I have to admit..the first time I used it I thought myself a little silly.  Now, I love it!  If you’re sewing lots of seams together, it’s an awesome tool to have.

In another package from Barbara in Edina, MN, I got a beautiful-beautiful crocheted piece.  She had it for years but her taste changed and thought I might be able to use in in the new house.  Isn’t it wonderful??


I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it.  I can’t imagine the work and time that went into it.  I love it.

From Vic at Park Hill Farm I got a wonderful decorative paint book.  It’s full of painting tips and ideas I hope to implement once my life frees up a bit.

I got this one a bit ago but it got in with Kelli’s things.  Now it’s back to me and I’ve but it on my nightstand.  It’s about the only reading time I get anymore.

Thank you-thank you to all of you.  I so appreciate your thinking of me.  You always seem to know what goodies will make me happy.

See what I mean about my blog readers…they are the best.  I so appreciate all the goodies you all have sent.

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