My Black Friday Shopping Adventure

Don’t fear…I didn’t actually go Black Friday shopping in stores but I did do my own versions of Black Friday shopping.  It was much warmer, and relaxed than the typical version.

On Friday I loaded my Celtic Solstice quilt onto the quilting frame and started working on it.  Everything around here now days is done in tiny spurts.  I don’t have hours to start a project and finish it so I’m trying to eek everything I can in.  My goal was to just get the quilt loaded and pick out thread colors.

Picking thread wasn’t hard…I knew before I even started looking that my Maxi-lock Rum would likely be the top thread choice…

I actually wanted it for the backing too but I didn’t have a second spool….there were two empties in my box that were Rum colored though.  I always keep all of my empty spools in a box.  That way, when it’s time to order, I know what I need and have used.


Not having the second spool of Rum colored thread reminded me that it was Black Friday and maybe…just maybe, Hancock’s would be having a sale.

Down to the computer….Yep.  They were having a sale.  I went back upstairs and got my empty spool box and started ordering.  Anymore, I primarily use Maxi Lock thread for my quilt machine and for all of my piecing.  It’s good, cheap and it works for me and my machine.   I wanted to order what I’d need for the year….

So a few days later this arrived.  LOTS of thread!!  My variegate threads are back in stock…I have red again…I have a couple cream options again….I was so excited!

I’ve been waiting to order…I’ve needed to order but I refuse to order unless it’s on sale AND I get free shipping.  I am weird that way.

The entire lot was only about $90.  Discovering that this thread works great for me was such a relief.  I used to cringe buying $20 spools of thread.  None of that for me anymore!!  I’ll take my $2 spools and free shipping any day.

Surprisingly one of my favorite most used colors is seafoam green (yep..that awful color that was teamed with peach in the 90’s)  Many of  you know I don’t use much green in my quilts…mostly because neither Hubby or I like green…and technically seafoam green isn’t really green-green.  It’s actually one of my most used thread colors.  It is a great blender.

Here it is with my border fabric from my Celtic Solstice quilt.  It’s actually a green but it works well with the blue fabric.

Anyway..that was the extent of my Black Friday shopping and hopefully this will be all the thread I need for the next year.

3 thoughts on “My Black Friday Shopping Adventure”

  1. i save my spools (in a basket) too – for inventory and re-ordering. Although I didn’t do any thread shopping as I have taken inventory of what I have – I think I have enough thread for the next 2-3 years.

  2. I save my spools for my friend who is an artist-in-the-classroom. They use them for painting. I use that rum-colored thread for scrap quilts; it blends with everything.

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