My Birthday

I had a fabulous birthday!  Ever since my 50th birthday, I appreciate every single birthday more and more.  50 was a bad year for me.  I injured my foot and ended up with surgery….I had my thyroid removed and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  During my 40’s I always dreaded my 50th birthday thinking I’d “be old” if I was in my 50’s.   Well now that I’m making my way through my 50’s, I’m so very grateful for every birthday I get.  I actually WANT to get old.  After a cancer diagnosis, birthdays have come to mean so much more.

It sounds kind of silly but I’m actually thankful for the diagnosis.  It’s made me stop more frequently and “smell the roses”, take time for my kiddos, and make the most of the small moments.  Without it, I think I’d be hurrying through life.  There are so many things I might have missed.

So what made my birthday so much more fabulous!!  Little things and FOOD of course.  We’re a foodie family.  Not fancy food, just good tasting food.

A new Mexican restaurant opened in West Union (about 25 minutes from our house) and I’ve been wanting to go.  Hubby told me he was taking me out and I could pick anywhere I wanted to go.  I picked the Mexican restaurant.

Fajitas are my go-to Mexican food when I don’t know what else to order.  These were fabulous.  The service was fast and very friendly too.  We will definitely be going back there.  If you’re in the area…give it a try.

Hubby took me there on Thursday night….Friday Kalissa brought me lunch.  The Fort in Fort Atkinson makes wonderful food.  She brought me my favorite order from there….Chicken Dumpling Soup and Loaded Fries…and a coffee drink from Kwik Star.  That girl loves me!

She also got me two T-shirts….See?I love them both.  LOTS!!

If you’ve not heard the “Baby Shark” song, you must.

It’s “all the rage” at childcare!!  Be careful.  The song gets stuck in your head!!

I wear childcare related T-shirts ALL THE TIME at work so getting me a T-shirt is always the perfect gift.

One of my childcare families made me a cake and got me another Baby Shark T-shirt!!

The little girl told me I was so lucky that I had super hero, Paw Patrol and regular sprinkles on my cake.  She’s the sweetest…heck, the whole family is the sweetest.

I LOVED my cake!  We had it for snack for childcare and it was so special when the littles sang happy birthday.  I loved it!

I had to come up with a way to make 53 candles so we did a “5” candle with three more individual candles.  Silly but fun.

My birthday was PERFECT.  All of our kids called to wish me happy birthday.  In fact the boys both called a day early afraid they would miss calling on my actual birthday.  I love those guys.

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes from all of you.  I was surprised at how many others share my birthday.  There were so many wonderful comments like this one from Jeanne:
Happy Birthday, Jo! My day isn’t complete without catching up with you and your family. I feel like we’re friends even though you don’t know me personally!”

You all know how to make a girl feel happy and special.  THANKS!!  I’m making 53 the best year I can.

15 thoughts on “My Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Jo. Sounds like the perfect birthday. I can’t believe that I have 4 grandsons age 6 and under and this was my first time to hear Baby Shark. I can’t wait to play the song for which ever one whose turn it is to stay with mammy and pappy this weekend.

    Cherish each day, it is a gift from our lord.

  2. I just discovered your blog recently and really enjoy reading it. I especially enjoy reading about your love of all things Bonnie Hunter. I am also a fan of hers too. I also love your patterns that I find in favorite magazines. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday with your family and look forward to many more posts from you.

  3. Happy Birthday Jo!!
    I enjoy reading your posts daily and how much your family gets accomplished!! Have a blessed year ahead!!

  4. Looks like I’m late to the party, but Happy Birthday anyway!
    I love reading your blog, it’s the only one I read regularly. I call you, “Jo, my friend in Iowa”:)
    Someday maybe I’ll get to meet you. I want to be just like you when I grow up:)
    Praying for you, and blessings on your 53rd year!

  5. Happiest of Birthdays Jo! you are loved by those childcare kiddos, what a wonderful cake, such fun celebrating you. I think the smallest things are some of the best, enjoy your day. I must admit that I had not heard of this song and now it is stuck in my head! lol

  6. Happy belated Birthday Jo, life is about the moments with family and friends and the rest is just stuff. Enjoy your moments!

  7. Over Thanksgiving I was helping my sister out in California (she broke her right ankle!) and the two year old loved to sing the Baby Shark song! I heard it a LOT those two weeks. It is really cute, and so simple to sing.
    Glad you had a fun birthday. Very easy way to do “53′ candles!

  8. What a fun Birthday you enjoyed. Your family and friends and “kiddos” treated you well. And you also share your special day with my youngest brother. I’ll have to try that Mexican restaurant next time I’m home. Thanks and have a great day!

  9. Happy Birthday, dear friend! Oops, I forget we don’t really “know” each other but it sure feels like home when you talk about what’s going on in your neck of the woods. We are all so happy to know you made it to 53 and are on the mend so to speak. Let’s all pray for a healthy year to come. Blessings to you on your birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday Jo ❤️. It sounds like a great song. Thanks for sharing the song. I’ve not heard it before.
    May God continue to Bless you & your family for the coming year.

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