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I have a love of my Betty Crocker cook book.  The book has my pancake recipe, biscuit recipe, waffle recipe and french toast recipe and my oatmeal cookies recipe.  There are other good recipes we use from time to time but those recipes are my staples.

You might remember awhile back I was lamenting the condition of my old cookbook….

…and telling you about my joy in finding a vintage replacement at the thrift store.


Well I’m a bit of sentimental gal and didn’t throw away my old one.  It’s a good thing I didn’t as over the weekend Karl was home for a visit.  I had made biscuits with pork sausage gravy which is a huge favorite around here.  He asked about my biscuit recipe and we started talking about my cookbook.  Then he said he would have to start looking for one at the thrift stores.

What’s a mom to but give him the cookbook??

So there he has it and I’m on the hunt again to find another one.  He assured me that he’d be on the look out for a copy as well.

My old copy lasted 28 years…I’m sure it will last a few more until I find another copy.

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  1. I learned to cook with my mother.. She always used her Betty Crocker cookbook from her wedding in 1949. When I married in 1971, I received a Betty Crocker cookbook which is still my favorite to this day. I now have my mother’s cookbook and use it as well since there are some old favorite recipes in it that were not reproduced in the later version I have. When my daughter married in 2003, I made sure she has the new Betty Crocker cookbook. It is fun to look thru the three cookbooks from different generations and see how the recipes have changed along with food preferences thru the years. I hope you are lucky to find another cookbook for yourself. That was so kind of you to share the one you had with your son…

  2. At first I thought you had a pic of my copy of this cookbook. Mine looks like the one in the 1st picture, sad to say. It has to be over 40 years old and you are right, it has all the basics. Glad Karl has his own copy now.

  3. I have my Grandmother’s copy and my Mother-in-law’s copy and some of the recipes are different in them. So be careful you get the same recipes in your newer copy. The same is true of “The Better Homes and Garden Cookbook” . I have my Mother’s copy of it and I bought a newer copy which is paperback and it is totally different recipes. Good Luck on your journey.

  4. My mom gives this cookbook to all the new brides, my son’s fiance just got one. In my copy you can tell my favorite recipes, they are the pages with food stains.

  5. I love that cookbook! I replaced mine too! And then a friend was visiting and saw how wonderful it is, so when I found one at a thrift store I bought it for them. I have to say I bought my replacement copy online. I had to make sure it had that same cover, there is another one out there, but I love the way this version is laid out. Good luck finding another one!

  6. My mom has one that’s older than that, 55+ years. However when I looked for a new one, and found it, some of the recipes had changed over the years. The first one that comes to mind is the cream pie recipe. Interesting! But I love it that your son even wants the old one. YAY for him.

  7. Mine is the older version, too, and I love it! Lots of great recipes inside. Ever notice how “Betty Crocker” has become younger with each publication?

  8. My old copy literally fell apart. I also would like to find a couple of copies to give to my daughter and daughter in law.

  9. I have a cookbook that was my Grandmother’s. It was coming loose from the binding so I took it to a copy store and had them put a spiral binding on it. I just didn’t want to loose the notes she had made in the margins so now I can still use it. I think it cost me $5. Well worth that for sure.

  10. My mom’s was in a ring binder. Could not live without mine. My biggest go to recipe is lemon meringue pie. To many other to list.

  11. Oh I still have my old BC cookbook too and use it all the time! I cut a paper bag up and made a slip cover for it as the binding is unsewn, too. It is my “Go To” for party recipes..
    Hugs, Julierose

  12. I was going to suggest seeing if a copy store could bind it for you but I see someone already mentioned that. I love my copy of that cookbook and it is probably the same issue.

  13. That cook book looks just like mine!! Still use it, but am trying to put the recipes I use most on the computer, just in case one day it literally disintegrates!

  14. You might want to check in with shopgoodwill(dot)com from time to time. I’ve seen a copy on there before. Right now they have “The Boys and Girls Cookbook” by Betty Crocker. I have my mom’s copy of that… and my grandpa’s copy of the classic red book. (mine has duct tape binding, now, lol!)

  15. I have two copies of that cookbook. I don’t use them much anymore. But I am planning to keep them. I really wish I had the version of it that my sister had when I was in High School. It seems that each version has some different recipes in it.

  16. Duct tape works like a charm. Just make sure you get all the pages stuck to the tape. Press the pages into the tape HARD, then tape the covers on both sides folding the sides of the tape over onto the covers. Tape the side covers on the inside also from pages to cover.

  17. A mothers love can’t be beat, but the look on your sons face is priceless.
    By the way I put mine in plastic sheets, and a binder, works great.

  18. Elizabeth McDonald

    Oh, we do all love our Betty Crockers in our family! I actually have my grandmother’s edition, and the one my Aunt Ruth gave me in 1967, and a newer one of my Mom’s that came out in the 1970’s. I have not found replacement copies, but when I pass on there will be a line for these family copies, which carry so many memories and lots of personal notes on the favorite recipes.

  19. At the annual Planned Parenthood book sale here in Des Moines, Iowa at the State Fairgrounds there are usually several of the different cookbooks available. I have purchased a favorite for all 3 of my children and a few spares plus many other cookbooks. Prices are always really great, maybe not like some thrift shops but well below retail and a bigger selection in one spot.

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