My Bathroom Remodel with Glidden

A couple months ago, Glidden paint and BlogHer contacted me and asked if I had a room that I would like to redo. Goodness YES I said!! Both Karl and Kalissa are moving out for what I hope is for good and I want to redo both of their bedrooms. Karl is moving out this week, so I thought I would start with his room. I hadn’t really “been” in his room in years. Yes I’ve been in the room but not in a way that I was converting it into my space. After looking at the walls, I saw that before I was going to tackle that room, we need to take the old plaster out and sheet rock. UGH. Then I started looking and decided it’s time..not for the bedroom but for the bathroom. It is time that the bathroom gets a new look. We live in an old farm house with one bathroom. Being we don’t own our house, I am not real quick to redo a room, but this bathroom is LONG over due. Bathroom-3 This is the only bathroom in the house so it’s a pain to fix and work on it because someone always “has to go” when I am the middle of anything. The bathroom has been like this for about 12 years. After 12 years, every room in a house needs an up-do. I’ve been putting this up-do off because I am awful at color selection. I second guess myself and drive the family crazy with my indecision. It’s also hard because the bathroom is so small. It’s hard to work and move a ladder around. All of those reasons have left it the same over the years. When I told the kids I was redoing the bathroom they said, “Great! Now our friends will quit joking that the colors were the same as the Canadian Curling team.” After they said that, I had to go to the computer and find a picture of the Canadian Curling team. I don’t know if the colors match but so long to the old bathroom (and the Canadian Curling team) and hello to a new bathroom. My first step was to find a new wallpaper for the upper part of the bathroom. First off, let me say I HATE WALLPAPER!! I have no choice though. The walls behind the wallpaper aren’t in any shape to be painted…so wallpaper it is. Sometimes with old houses, all we can do is the best we can do..not necessarily what we would ideally like to do. I’ll need paint for the cupboards. I’ll need paint for the tile on the wall. Now how can I coordinate all that? Remember…I hate making decisions! I found out that Glidden paint has an awesome new tool called My Image Inspiration. You can find it here. Glidden I know I am keeping my flooring so I uploaded a picture of the flooring. I know it’s boring inspiration, but I want the whole room to flow. Glidden-1 I love the Cranberry Zing color that came up. I thought I would look for some wallpaper that had that color…and maybe the tile could be the brown and the cupboards the light color. But will that be too dark?? It is a small room, and I’ve heard dark colors shouldn’t be in a small room. Maybe the color selections with the yellow would make it brighter. See, I am bad at decisions. At least, the My Image Inspiration tool helps me narrow it down to fewer choices. Being I have trouble deciding, having fewer choices is a real blessing. I love that I am able to upload a picture and the choices come up. It is so much less intimidating than standing in front of a paint chip display in a store. I am willing to take any input from all of you. I want a country feel to the room, and I want it to flow with the rest of the house. Any suggestions?? I thought this would be really hard, but so far the up-do process for the bathroom has been a lot of fun!


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This post is sponsored by Glidden paint, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

179 thoughts on “My Bathroom Remodel with Glidden”

  1. Pinterest inspires us. We made a cork board with wine corks, and we want to wallpaper one wall to add some pizzazz….can’t wait to try that!

  2. My last home decor project was inspired by the colors in the tiles still holding up well in my almost 60yo bathroom! I stripped the wallpaper and painted in the yellow most dominant in the scrappy tiles. It looks clean, neat and bright. I usually choose a color to compliment what I have on hand. When the kitchen needed “redone”, the hickory cabinets’ had a red hue that I thought soft and pretty and that became the wall color. Not common, but pleasant. When I can’t redo everything in a room, PAINT is perfect to make the rest look better too.~

  3. What inspired my last project was an all-over scroll stencil I saw online that looked so classy. I bought it and created a wallpaper look in our bathroom.

  4. My inspiration was a few bloggers, actually. I knew I wanted to build bookshelves, but I didn’t really know how. After reading quite a few of their how-to posts I had the confidence to tackle the project.

  5. Our last (or current) home remodel project was born out of necessity after a tree fell on our master bedroom in June. We’re getting close to having the room back to “normal” and did upgrade the bathroom tile to a beautiful marble.

  6. My last home decor project was inspired by what two little (6 and 4) boys would find fun and spark their creativity- I redid their bedroom and wanted it to be special. We painted two walls with neon glow in the dark paint and two with chalkboard paint and they chose a lot of the other decorating themselves. It was a lot of fun :)

  7. Ours is easier because we have a Victorian. We saw a similar house with warmer less ‘museum-esque’ colors and copied accordingly.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  8. I would stick with light colors because of the size of the bathroom. My most recent project is our master bedroom and our inspiration was curtains in a soft teal we love.

  9. For me it was a ratting chair I found at a garage sale. I painted it blue and found a great piece of material to redo the seat. Then I had to finish the dining area to match my awesome chair!

  10. My last home redecorating project was the kitchen. It was painted with a very thin coating of matte yellow and not only did I dislike the color, every time I cleaned the walls the paint would rub off. So, one day on the way home I saw a beautiful blue sky with perfect white clouds and I was settled. I now have a beautiful semigloss sky blue kitchen.

  11. the last home decor project i did was our dining room and I was inspired by the house we visited at the beach on our summer vacation, i love it!

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  12. Christian Alejandro

    My girlfriend decided to change the living room wall color, so that got us started on our last project to change things up.

  13. I like to search for decorating books on ebay. you can usually find a bunch of great ones for a good price thats what inspires my projects

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