My Awesome Aunts!!!

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I don’t know if you know this, but I have some pretty awesome aunts!

A few weeks ago, Jason’s aunt Julie–who I now fully claim as mine–stopped over with some left overs from the Ice Cream Social that the Youth Group at our church sponsored.  She knows that Jason would like to go to these kinds of things, but getting away from the farm is really hard for him and she knows that I’m super busy with school, so she brought us some goodies!  When she stopped over, we got to talking and she said that she had a pair of boots that she had bought but just didn’t quite like.  We often commiserate over having bigger feet, so when she said she’d stop them over some time, I was super excited.

This past weekend, I was visiting a neighbor that just had knee surgery and got a text that there would be two boxes on my steps waiting for me when I get home.  I was a bit puzzled–she had said that she had one pair of boots–and really excited!  When I got home, this is what was in the boxes–

Boots (327x400)

Aren’t they amazing?!?!  The black ones are super tall and I love them.  And the brown ones are pretty awesome as well!  I’m planning on wearing them under jeans.  When I first tried them on, they seemed a bit tight, but it was cold out and I had super thick socks on. After trying them on with regular socks, they fit perfect!  Aren’t I lucky to have an awesome Aunt Julie?

And the awesomeness doesn’t even end there–As you know, I’ve taken up walking and make sure to get my 10,000 steps in each day.  Because I’ve been back in school, I’ve been leaving my house around 6am to go to the town that my college is in and walk on a trail there before class.  Because I don’t want to leave my keys in my car and such, I bought a cheap fanny pack to keep my keys, kleenexes, and other stuff in.

Last Friday however, I went to go put it on….and the closure was broke.  Honestly, I about cried!  I posted something on Facebook about my disappointment and my wonderful Aunt Wendy messaged me that she had something she wanted to send me.  I sent her my address and when I checked my mail on Monday afternoon, this is what I found–

Strapless Purse (195x278)

Isn’t it perfect?  It can hook onto my pants with the top closures and then can hold all of the things I’ll need–Without pinching the fat that is still residing around my middle!  I am eager to give it a try!

Aren’t I a lucky girl?!?!  It’s so wonderful to have such awesome and supportive aunts–So thanks Wendy and Julie!

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