My Aunt Agnes and family day

I don’t have many aunts left on my dad’s side of the family…just two.  My aunt Betty who married my Dad’s brother Burt and my aunt Agnes who is my dad’s sister.

Agnes is a one of a kind lady.  At 96 she is still living on her own-still driving-and still quilting.  If God decides I am going to live so long, I hope He lets me live a life like Agnes’.

Every so often the group of us travel and get together.  Pictured from left to right is, me, my cousin Charlott, my sister Judy, my cousin Gladie and my aunt Agnes.  Most of cousins on my dad’s side are closer to my sister Judy’s age or older so it took a long time to for me to feel like I fit in, but I finally do…I was the oops cousin with me being 8 years younger than the other cousins.

Being Agnes and Charlott both live in Minnesota, and Judy living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the mid point to meet is somewhere between my house and Gladie’s.  Typically we meet at a restaurant but this time around we met at Gladie’s house.  She was a wonderful hostess.

When we get together we all do a little show and tell.  All of us quilt except for Charlott, yet she tolerates us all.  Aunt Agnes still meets weekly with the ladies from church in New Richland, MN and makes quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  She take projects home and sews them during the week as well.  She is active in helping her grand daughter put together shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  What a lady!!  It is so nice to have relatives and role models that make me proud and she is it.

Gladie is a wonderful precise quilter who loves to piece small things.  Her house has a beautiful blend of quilty things and homey things.  She was busy cutting out sampler blocks in batik fabrics.  She loves everyone’s small little scraps and makes AMAZING projects with them.

My sister Judy sews a lot too.  She can sew formal wear and do amazing alterations.  She likes quilting but her projects typically lean towards house decor…banners, table runners and wall hangings.  She is a master at curtain making too.

Charlott recently spent time in Hawaii where her son got married.  She had wonderful pictures to show and family updates to share.

Our time flew by- we were so busy talking that we forgot to get a picture until most of us had our coats on.  We mentioned making this an annual trek.  I’m all for that…do you think next time it could be at my house because hopefully by then it will be done.  Regardless of where we meet, I always appreciate our time together.

6 thoughts on “My Aunt Agnes and family day”

  1. I love the picture. Nothing is as special as pictures of family together. And by the way, your sister cannot deny being your sister…you really look a lot alike!

  2. barbara corbitt

    it is so wonderful when family can get together, and get along. since my daughter died in my arms, i have no family left. it is truly something to enjoy to the fullest. the fact that your sister sews must give yall something to talk about. no one else in my family sewed or quilted.. they never understood why i pieced by hand, quilted by hand and gave my quilts to charity instead of selling them. but there are more important things than money. i hope you and your family so much happiness and cheer. blessings, barbara

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