My Arch Nemesis

Superman has kryptonite.  Batman has the joker.  Me, I have paperwork.

I had been putting it off and putting it off until last evening.  I quit my regular work early and promised myself a day that I could play catch up today if I just got the paperwork caught up.  I hadn’t touch it since April.  Paper work is the worst thing about being self employed…I just hate it….worse than housekeeping if that’s possible!!  It took about four hours…but I am caught up.  It makes me not want to purchase a think or pay a bill just so I don’t have another round of it.

So let’s hear it readers, what is your least favorite chore?

15 thoughts on “My Arch Nemesis”

  1. I’m right there with you. For me it’s a toss up between housework and paperwork and I put both off until they are piled up and can’t be put off anymore.

  2. Barbara Konopa

    I Hate emptying the dishwasher that is full of clean dishes. I don’t mind loading it. My hubby is retired so he has been emptying it.

  3. I hate mopping floors! Sometimes my kitchen floor gets so bad, you stick when you walk. That’s when I know I can’t put it off anymore!!

  4. dusting!!! I don’t mind vacuumning the carpets, mopping the floors or cleaing bathrooms.
    But dusting, I simply don’t like to do. It could do with two things…my mom always made me dust when I was younger and I have to much stuff sitting around that has to be moved and put back.

  5. Matching the socks; love to start the wash, hang it on the line, bring it in, fold it. . .I HATE MATCHING THE SOCKS!!!!
    I don’t mind sweeping and scrubbing, but know that it will need it again shortly, as these boys seem to spill juice or jelly within 24 hours.
    I also have to work myself up to cleaning out the fridge. BUT I have started a reward system, if I get a job done, I get sewing time. IT really helps!!!

  6. all house work! I don’t understand how the table that is in the dining rm, that isn’t used much is always full of JUNK! there are only 2 people living here whay is it such a mess????

  7. I hate dusting! I have lots of table toppers and mini quilts covering end tables, coffee table, dining table, etc. I don’t mind dusting the corners and will shake the quilts about once a month!

  8. Scrubbing the bathtub.
    It is such a challenge to squeeze next to the toilet and keep my balance. And since so many muscles are engaged already, the arm strength needed to scrub just isn’t there.

    I am so blessed to have a husband who will clean the tub for me!

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