My $1.50 Thrift Store Box

I stopped at the thrift store the other day….

There’s a new one that I stop at all the time now.  It’s so cheap, I just can’t resist.  Today’s finds included an old phone, some OshKosh farmer bibs for the new grand baby, and a box of old needlework projects.  I child care kiddos LOVE old cell phones.  It’s one of their main play toys.  Flip phones are the favorites.  I’ve been on the look out for some but haven’t found any so the one here is really fought over.  I did find an old blackberry phone so hopefully that will easy some of the fighting.

The OshKosh bibs I just couldn’t pass up.  All little boy grand children who have a grandpa who is a farmer needs to have them…and for $1 this soon to be grandma can’t say no!

Now about that box of embroidery…it was $1.50.  I didn’t dig through the entire box.  I just saw one thing and grabbed the box….see the embroidered animals.  That was enough for me to know $1.50 was a deal.


I wasn’t sure how many their were but thought I’d just grab the box and sort through it all when I got home.  I was hoping there would be enough for a quilt….All the way home I thought about the box.  How many would I need for there to be enough?  What could I do for a layout…sashing?  Lots of thoughts ran through my head but then I chastised myself.  There might only be a couple blocks.So I got home and immediately started digging through the box….

There’s a kangaroo that’s not finished…a duck that’s not finished..a cow and calf, a mommy pig and babies…a duck that is finished and another cow and calf.  Hmmm…doubles of the duck and cow/calf.


I dug some more…there was a bear and cub…a set of giraffes, kittens and horse with foal.


It looks like eight with no double….Poo!  It would be so much easier if there were nine.  I might have to get creative and see if Kayla can draw me something and stitch one more set…or do any of you recognize the pattern and know if there were other animals??  Please leave a comment and let me know if you do.  That would make it even easier.

I kept digging in the box and  came up with these…..

To the left are two “Come Lord Jesus” prayers that are stitched…Counted cross stitched.  I love them as that’s the prayer our family has always said.  To the right is the “Bless us O Lord…” prayer.  Well our daughter Kayla grew up Lutheran and she’s married to Spencer who grew up Catholic.  Kayla grew up with the “Come Lord Jesus” and Spencer the “Bless us O Lord”.  I sent a picture of them to Kayla wondering if she might want them.


She squealed and was so happy.  She wants the black “Come Lord Jesus” because it will match better with the “Bless us O Lord”.

I am keeping the blue “Come Lord Jesus”.  I’ll have to frame it and find somewhere for it to go…I can’t not keep it.  It’s one of those family tie things that I just can’t pass up.

My total at the thrift store today… $3.  I’d say that was a good day.

9 thoughts on “My $1.50 Thrift Store Box”

  1. Do you have access to any children’s coloring books? they would be a good source for some animals and you can enlarge on a printer to the size you want and simplify any complex designs down to line drawings. On of my quilts used the design on the focus print to make the redwork patterns.

  2. Betty (from Canada)

    I found lots of free printable coloring pages on the internet. There are all kinds of animals that are not too detailed. Hope this helps you out.

  3. I have three designs which are similar to the ones you showed. My grandmother subscribed to a craft magazine “Women’s Household”. The February, 1978 issue contained Blocks #4, 5, & 6 from an Original Quilt Pattern by Ruby Hinson Duncan. The series of blocks was called “Down On The Farm”. I could send copies of Hen & Chicks, Mare & Colt, and Cow & Calf. If you would like copies of the article, please email your address and I will send them. I have no way to scan and send them by email. Plus the article is interesting reading and has two of the designs mislabeled!

  4. If you don’t want to do another animal and you know a specific child/baby it would be great for, you could always do the child’s name in a center block with the 8 animals around it to complete the nine patch. Or maybe the baby’s name and the birth date, lots of ways to personalize it that way.

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