Must Try Recipe: Sassy Sow

Over the weekend Kelli, Kalissa, Carver and I headed south just a short ways to the Market at White Barns.  A family opens up the barns for sales by all sorts of vendors.  Kelli is planning a blog post to tell you more about it.  I’m here to tell you about the food.  Barn Yard BBQ was set up there and we decided to eat….we all had the Sassy Sow.  Amazing!!


I forgot to take a picture of the food…but I can say this, we all loved it so much that I decided to replicate it at home.

I started with a pork roast in the pressure cooker.  For me I have the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.  I love it!!  To make the meat I put a roast in the pressure cooker with water in the bottom.  I spiced it up putting a jalapeno seasoning and a Lawry’s type seasoning on it.  I put it in the pressure cooker for 60 minutes.  I know that’s a long time but I wanted the meat pull apart soft.  60 minutes will do that!

While that was cooking I mixed up some simple coleslaw.  For me that means chopping up some cabbage and a bit of carrots, then mixing together some mayonnaise, milk and sugar.  I stir it all up and put that in the refrigerator.  The cabbage gets soft and nice.

When we originally got the Sassy Sow at White Barns, they used a crispy kind of French fry but we didn’t have fries so took tator tots and cooked them longer than normal so they were slightly crunchy on the outside.  I put the tator tots in my  Philips XL Airfryer on 360 degrees for 20 minutes…that’s quite a bit longer than I normally would…but it gave a good crisp crunch.

Once the roast was done, Kelli shredded it (pulled it apart).  I added some BBQ sauce to it…we used Honey BBQ but make yours to your taste.

Now it was time to assemble it all…..(sorry about the not so good picture)

Tator tots on the bottom….then… BBQ pulled pork…then the coleslaw and then bacon.  We used the real bits that come prepackaged…(I know, lazy on my part).

This is so yummy.  SO-SO yummy if you like BBQ.  I know for sure I will be making this again.  It was great as they had pork roast on sale at the grocery store for 99 cents a pound….good thing I got three roasts as now I can have them anytime.

I highly recommend  Barn Yard BBQ..their food was great!

3 thoughts on “Must Try Recipe: Sassy Sow”

  1. That does sound like good meal for the summer and making a roast means left overs for the next day. Thanks for sharing your version with us.

  2. Your version of the pulled pork sounds great! We love anything pork and I’ve been playing with my Instant Pot and trying new recipes. I’m interested in knowing what kind of seasonings you used, they sound good!

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